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Remote Usability Videos

Do you need usability feedback and you need it fast? Get detailed insights into your users’ thoughts – no matter where they are.

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Advantages of Remote Usability Videos

Realize your testing projects fully remotely and optimize your digital products based on direct user feedback – our remote usability videos offer a fast turnaround and make testers available across the globe.

Gain insights from the thoughts of your target group
Get access to testers all over the world
Save time and costs by testing remotely
Let our experts prepare detailed use cases for your video
The Challenge

Create truly user-centered products

In software development and user experience design, the main focus lies on creating clear and user-friendly products. However, it’s extremely difficult to predict what your target group thinks, especially when creating complex applications.

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Developers and designers asking themselves “What would I like”

Or they wonder “How would I use it” which is not enough to create a truly user-centered product, and may even be counter-productive. You need user testing with real users if you want to make sure you’re building a product your customers will really use, and love.

Operational blindness makes it harder and harder for development teams to take the perspective of end-users into account. What seems to be logical during the conceptual phase might be contradictory for customers upon release.

This makes an external perspective on UX design very necessary, because even the best features of a product are useless if they’re too difficult to use.

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The Solution

An in-depth look into the mind of your customer

The Crowd turns on their cameras for you, so you can see every detail of the testing process. By using the think-aloud principle, your test group performs various use cases and narrates what they have on their mind while doing so.

This is how you get an insight into what your target group thinks about your user interface and how fast they find their way to the core features of your product. Every hesitation and every quest for a button or area of the menu is recorded. You have the opportunity to track every single move of our testers as they test your product.

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What is a Remote Usability Video?

In the field of user experience research (UX research) Remote Usability Videos are unmoderated remote usability tests where participants and facilitators are in different locations.

If you’re facing a tight timeframe, limited resources, or need a lot of testers or testers from all over the world – remote usability testing is especially useful. Testers can conduct the test whenever they want and wherever they are, as they use their own devices to conduct the test.

Since there’s no opportunity to help or interact with the testers if they struggle with a task, it’s especially important to prepare detailed test cases for this kind of user research.

Testers will then conduct the given tasks and record themselves while doing so. Using the think-aloud method they describe what they see, whether they like it or not (and why), and explain if something confuses them and why.

When you analyze the usability video afterwards the tester’s thoughts and actions are comprehensive and clear.

Real-world testing

How it looks in practice

A game developer wants to learn more about the usability of their latest strategy game.

With Testbirds’ help, a test design is created that consists of several use cases that guide 20 testers from different European countries while they play the new game. The testing group contains gaming professionals as well as testers without any previous gaming knowledge.

After performing the test, the client receives uncut videos as well as an overview of the results gathered.

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