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The insurance industry is undergoing multiple challenges. Cyber risks, diverse competitors, changing customer behavior, and a great experience is vital – the number of policyholders who would switch insurers if their digital interface were not user-friendly grew by 80%!1

But creating positive experiences through intuitive, simple, and secure digital products, alongside a seamless customer journey, can build trust, ongoing loyalty, and a competitive advantage.

The Challenge The Solution

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Customers who would switch insurers due to a lack of a user-friendly digital interface grew 80%.
Insurance customers who prefer to submit claims via mobile rose 77%.
Insurance customers expecting 247365 online support increased by 45%.

Resilience amid disruption

The Challenge

Building resilience

As the world embraces digital solutions, customers increasingly demand interactive, efficient, and highly personalized digital experiences. This means insurers must adapt to new technologies, update legacy systems, and develop intuitive products and streamlined processes that reduce complexity, and provide a seamless customer journey.

But things are becoming extremely complicated. As tech-savvy start-ups and InsurTech competitors gain ground, autonomous cars enter the market, Internet of Things devices appear everywhere, and the never-ending problem of cyber risks grows, the industry is challenged on multiple fronts. Insurers must be agile, digital-friendly, and customer-focused to quickly deal with these challenges.

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Making their businesses more resilient to such disruptive change is essential for future growth, regardless of your insurance domain. Importantly, this means creating value for customers and stakeholders by developing digital solutions that not only meet security, privacy, and regulatory concerns, but that help build trust and improve the customer (and employee) experience.

As PwC research1 showed, what customers want is changing. From 2018 to 2021, the amount of people expecting 24/7/365 support grew 45%, those that prefer to submit claims via mobile rose 77%, and those who would switch carriers due to a lack of a user-friendly digital interface was up 80%. Digital just cannot be ignored.

It’s clear that people not only want their pain-points solved through a digitally-enhanced solution, but it must also provide a positive, quality experience. This means deeply understanding what your customers expect and what can make their lives easier while they’re dealing with you. But it’s a complex environment. Every step, from your digital data capabilities, innovative insurance chatbot, user-facing systems, reporting platforms, even cloud capabilities, can become an obstacle.

Especially when you’re dealing with many different people and their needs, often across borders, and who use a wide variety of devices and operating systems.

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The Solution

Assured success through crowdtesting

With over 1,000,000 crowdtesters in 193 countries, we can test your products wherever you do business and closely match testers to your actual policyholders, regardless of your insurance domain. Life, general, or health. Homeowners, business owners, boat operators, patients. Any combination is possible.

And with over 1 million different devices at hand, they can check your solutions on any device and operating system to remove the potential for operational blindness. From Prototype Testing, Bug Testing, Usability and UX Testing, Comparison Testing, and even Regression Testing, we can test your solution at every stage of its development to fully optimize the customer experience.

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Today, everyone wants a highly personalized, user-friendly, and positive experience whether they’re looking for a policy, making a claim, or simply looking for information. At any time and from any location.

Becoming a more resilient business involves developing solutions and processes that not only maintain a high level of quality but are agile enough to change with diverse expectations. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about an insurance chatbot or enterprise-level insurance company software. This takes a human touch.

No amount of robotic process automation testing, even when AI-driven, can replace real people in real-world situations who test your products against a large number of scenarios. It’s this human element that can generate meaningful and actionable insights to create real value, while addressing security, privacy, and regulatory concerns.

You may have developed a fantastic app that monitors how a person drives, with safer drivers having lower premiums, but without telematics testing on actual roads with different drivers, you can never be sure it works as intended. Crowdtesters can quickly and easily solve this issue.

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Real-world testing for quality results

From mobile apps, AI-driven chatbots, or in-car (or on-person) telematics, digital devices are becoming invaluable assets for every insurance domain. They not only improve on traditional tasks, such as application processes, quotes, and managing claims, but they provide huge amounts of data that can be used to better understand the customer and to directly tailor policies based on their behavior.

Our crowdtesting services have all of this covered, whether you need specific telematics testing, mobile app testing, or anything in-between. Real people delivering real feedback with actionable insights to help you develop products your customers will love.

This is what our crowdtesters have already done for our clients and what they can do for you.

Telematics and Personalized Policies

When it comes to wearables and in-car devices, testing in real-world situations is essential. Our crowdtesters stepped up and hit the road to ensure there were no liabilities.

Bug Testing
for Full Benefits

Our client’s mobile app was designed to help drivers during accidents and breakdowns with various features, including a claims service. But it had to work perfectly.

No Risk
Chatbot Testing

We conducted user experience and localization testing on our client’s chatbot to ensure the insurance advice it gave was clear, user-friendly, and correct.

How we’re helping to deliver a full coverage experience

On the move: Telematics and personalized policies

For three of our insurer clients, telematics is quickly becoming a core part of their offers.

Our first client, one of Germany’s largest direct insurance companies, needed help improving their mobility app by testing for bugs and providing feedback on the user experience. Rather than a black box in the car, the app did all the tracking. This meant testing in real-life conditions to see if it was compatible on different devices, started automatically, could tell if the person was in the car or on a bus, and much more. Additionally, testers were asked to give detailed feedback on their experience, and to proactively search for bugs.

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Our second client, a leading German insurer, asked us to test their telematics app’s ability to accurately track car journeys made by their users, and to help identify any bugs that might impact the app. Over four weeks, 12 testers traveled to various regions around Germany, and recorded in detail how the app performed. For example, that trips weren’t recorded even though the app said it was recording the journey, or that the app couldn’t override the GPS turning off after a set time. All such issues and usability concerns were analyzed in detail and delivered to our client so they could make appropriate fixes to optimize their solution.

For our third client, a European-wide insurer, we were asked to test their wearables app for functional issues and to provide feedback on its usability. 16 Netherlands-based testers ran the app on either an iOS or Android-based smartphone, which was then paired to a range of wearable movement trackers. The testers would then categorize any bugs found and rate their severity. They would also provide feedback on the apps overall user interface, how well it linked to the wearable device, and many other functions. All were then analyzed and recommendations for improvement made.

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Claim to fame: Bug testing for full benefits

When you’ve had a car crash, the last thing you need is your app crashing while reporting it to your insurer. Our client wanted to make sure their car app worked as intended at all times, and that meant checking for bugs.

Developed to provide a range of functionality, from journey tracking, monitoring driving behavior, to making a claim, the complexity of their app meant many things could go wrong. After selecting 19 testers with different mobile devices, six user cases were developed to test each section of the app, including login, driving data, car service, and accident reporting.

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But most importantly, the primary aim was to conduct a thorough check for any bugs that could cause issues. Any bug found was rated from low to critical and was listed in one of six distinct categories: Display errors, malfunctions, loading problems, spelling/grammatical errors, other, and links.

Overall, display errors and malfunctions received the highest bug ratings, with spelling and grammar the lowest. For example, various sections couldn’t be viewed, an email that was too long received an error message, an icon’s link didn’t work.

All ratings and feedback were then collated and placed in a comprehensive testing report that highlighted which bugs would require immediate action before the app was released.

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Talk about it: No risk chatbot testing

While chatbots that use artificial intelligence and machine learning are gaining in popularity, they all must deliver one thing, the human element. It’s essential they communicate in a way that feels real to the customer.

This is what one of our clients, a global insurer, wanted us to evaluate when it came to their chatbot. Was its language capability satisfactory, and how good was the user experience? We knew this would be a very subjective test, so we brought in 34 crowdtesters to cover all sides when it came to interpreting the chatbots messaging and interactions. Ten were specifically chosen who were interested in home insurance and who had previously little or no experience with a chatbot.

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For the web-based tests, three areas were looked at: Home insurance, technical terms, and small talk. Testers were then required to instigate at least 50 different interactions with the chatbot around those subjects. After each interaction they would then rate the experience from satisfactory, not satisfactory, wrong answer, no answer/request for new wording, and other.

Ratings were also given to provide an overview of how ‘human’ the responses were and whether they generated a negative or positive response. Was the answer and tone uninteresting, discouraging, boring, or was it exciting, understandable, and supportive?

All of this was repeated over three iterations as the chatbot was tweaked for improvement. In total, 1,726 transactions were carried out where it was felt the conversions didn’t work, however, the chatbot was rated overall as understandable, likeable, interesting, and valuable… though a bit too technical.

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Building resilience. How good tech, happy customers, and embracing change can keep insurers competitive and relevant.

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How we support you

Create premium solutions with crowdtesters

Today’s customers expect an amazing experience when they use a digital product, contact an AI-driven chatbot, visit your website or platform, or use your smart app. And it all must work perfectly, regardless of the device they’re using, its operating system, or where and when they’re using it.

This is where our highly flexible and fully customizable crowdtesting services, including Quality Assurance Testing and Usability Testing, can help you create digital solutions your customers will love! Optimize your insurance processes, boost loyalty, and ensure you’re ready to explore new opportunities anywhere in the world.

Thoroughly test your digital products and their features in real-world conditions with our carefully selected testers.
Receive detailed usability feedback and insights into actual consumer behavior to ensure that your digital products are secure, accessible, and optimized.
Use our testing services to ensure all digital products, such as your mobile apps and chatbots, deliver a seamless and user-friendly experience.
Streamline your testing efforts and optimize your time-to-market and development flexibility – all while maximizing your existing resources.

Real people, tangible results

With the help of our crowdtesting services and project managers’ knowledge, we can help you better understand what your customers experience when using your digital solutions so you can create an unforgettable customer journey.

You can then streamline your testing efforts and optimize your time-to-market and development flexibility – all while maximizing your existing resources.

No matter where you are, our remote testing has you covered. Real users with real devices that match your customers. All via our platform, the Nest.


Build digital solutions that people will love

  • Global community of over 1,000,000 users & 1,500,000 devices
  • Cost-effectively optimize your product’s design, functionality, and performance
  • Ensure that your digital solution works with a wide variety of technologies and hardware
  • Hand-picked crowdtesters that match your customers

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