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Become part of the Testbirds Community for Mercedes-Benz drivers

In cooperation with Mercedes-Benz AG, we are looking for motivated Mercedes drivers who are interested in participating in our study to improve the software update processes of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. You will get the exclusive opportunity to experience final over-the-air updates before their official release and actively improve processes.

Become a tester now

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We invite you to participate in exclusive surveys about the update process of brand new software versions before their official release for anyone else. You’ll get the rare opportunity to give feedback and share your experiences with Mercedes-Benz. Since we greatly value your contribution, you will of course be compensated for every update cycle you participate in.

You want to participate? Register to our Testbirds Community for Mercedes drivers and automatically receive invitations to the software update surveys.

It´s as easy as this

1st Step

Simply sign up here and create an account on the Testbirds platform.

2nd Step

Add a smartphone to your profile. We'll then invite you to a short questionnaire about your vehicle.

3rd Step

Complete and submit the questionnaire. If your vehicle meets the necessary requirements, you will automatically get invited to the Software Update surveys.


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Join the community for Mercedes-Benz software updates

Get exclusive pre-access, participate in surveys and get compensated

Become a tester now
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