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Become a tester for an
exciting new E.ON service!

E.ON is developing an innovative new service using energy insights to monitor the wellbeing of elderly relatives living alone. Together with Testbirds, E.ON wants to start technical testing of their solution. We are looking for testers (of any age) who live alone in a house or an apartment, which has recently had a new smart meter installed and has a reliable WiFi connection. The testing will take place over a period of 11 weeks starting mid September. During this time you will be asked to perform a number of simple tasks, which you digitally record as you complete them. The testing will be done in English on our platform. You will of course receive a fair compensation for taking part in the test (285€ which is ~3000SEK).

Become a tester now

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When you sign up to this testing community, you’ll be invited to the test, where you first answer a few questions about your living situation. This way we check, if you meet the requirements to participate in this long-term test. Once you are selected as a tester, you’ll receive a WIFI Dongle from E.ON to connect to your smart meter. This device tracks your energy profile during the testing phase. You’ll also receive 2 smart plugs to connect to frequently used devices (all received devices to be returned at the end of the project). Then testing can start.

It´s as easy as this

Step 1

Sign up here and create an account on the Testbirds platform.

Step 2

Add your smartphone as a testing device.

Step 3

Open the invitation link in the email, then read and click through all tabs on the test page (Description, Deadlines, Details, Payouts, and Access Data). Click on the green "Sign up with this device!" button.

Step 4

Answer the screening questions in the “initial report” and submit your answers. Soon after, Testbirds will message you about the next steps.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you in our long-term test!

Become a tester now
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