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Application process

Begin your approach to Testbirds: Throughout your application process, we want to find out if there’s a professional and personal fit – for you and us – and whether we share the same values and principles. In this, we want to communicate honestly and at an eye level, so that we get an authentic impression of each other.


Our process

How to prepare: Obviously, you should check out Testbirds prior to the interview and gather some information about who we are and what crowdtesting is. Ask yourself why you’re suitable for the job, why Testbirds would be the right employer for you, and what you expect from us. If there’s anything you would like to know about Testbirds, the position, the team, or anything else – you’re welcome to ask! Our interviews are not a one-way street of questions, but a way to get to know each other with both parties asking questions and collecting information.

What to wear: We don’t have a dress code. So, come as you are and how you feel most comfortable.


1. Application receipt

As soon as we receive your application you will get a confirmation. Stefanie and Christine will review it with first feedback within 10 days. If your profile matches, we will contact you by phone or email to invite you to a first interview.

2. Phone or video interview

You’ll meet one of our recruiters or someone from your future team in a call. We ask you about your professional experiences and in return we’ll tell you more about the position and about the Testbirds culture. Duration 30 mins to 1h.

3. On-site or video interview

If we both had a good impression of each other, we meet for a personal interview at our office, or via video. You’ll get to know your Chief Bird for an in-depth discussion about your area of expertise. Please plan 1-1.5 hrs for this.

4. Challenge

For the second interview, you'll receive a small challenge in advance or allocate time for it in the interview. Sometimes it might be an assignment to be completed after the interview. This is always a representation of the tasks you will encounter in the position, so we can assess your level of expertise.

5. Last but not least

For most of our positions we make a final decision after the second interview. Sometimes, however, we introduce you to a few more future colleagues and arrange an additional phone call or video interview with you.

Say Hello

We look forward to
getting to know you

Meet Christine and Stefanie, our recruiters. We look forward to getting to know you.
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