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What happens in Sales, stays in Sales?

Jokes aside, sales at Testbirds is really exciting and fun.
It’s almost like a rollercoaster!


What happens in Sales, stays in Sales?

Jokes aside, sales at Testbirds is really exciting and fun.
It’s almost like a rollercoaster!

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Stefano Pesando
| Linkedin
| Sales & Account Manager

I’m Stefano and I’ve been at Testbirds for over a year.

Based in our international office in Amsterdam, I’m originally from Italy and I also completed an MBA in Denmark.

My journey to Testbirds wasn’t a straightforward one and actually began way before I started here.

I’ve always been really interested in Testbirds and its crowdtesting services, but the first time I applied turned out not to be the right time for both me and Testbirds.

When I finally decided to apply again, we finally clicked and I moved to Amsterdam to start my sales role in the international team at Testbirds.


Life in Amsterdam

Amsterdam needs no introduction. The city is brilliant and so alive. Yes, sometimes it rains, but when the sun is shining, it’s hard to beat.

It also helps that our office is in a great location!

Being part of the international sales team feels very much like being part of a family. There’s such a great synergy within the team.

We enjoy each other’s company at our many events, and it’s always great to get together to share a few laughs and beers.

Inside international sales at Testbirds

I have the opportunity to speak with very experienced people, such as the C-Suite of the biggest and greatest companies! This is very exciting for me, as I know I can always learn from them, and learning is definitely something I look forward to.

Yet to even get in touch with these industry leaders is probably the most challenging part of my role. As they say, busy people never stay in one place, so it is our job to identify a strategy to reach them and secure a meeting or a call.

This is just one aspect of the groundwork that must be laid before we can even get to closing a deal.

Another aspect we consider is that every client has different needs and challenges, even those from the same industry. It’s our job to identify their individual needs and help them to solve their unique challenges.

What’s next for international sales

We’re still expanding and looking for great people to join our family, who you can always count on for support. You’ll never be left alone, even while you develop your own way of working and chart your own path to success. Your ambition and self-leadership – key traits in any sales position – will be appreciated here.

The best advice I could give to new joiners is to be yourself. There’s no need to try to be somebody else.

Here, your true self is appreciated because we know that everyone in the team has skills and expertise that others may not possess.

And this is what I believe makes our international team so great!


Would you like to join the international sales team at Testbirds? Take a look at our careers page today.


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