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Testing Reality by Testbirds


Testing Reality by Testbirds Testbirds, we help companies to optimise their digital products, such as apps, websites and Internet of Things-devices. More information on… We do so with our crowdtesting and device cloud testing solutions. Crowdtesting uses the help of a global online community that test software under real conditions for user-friendliness (Usability and UX) and functionality (Quality Assurance) issues. In addition, the company offers numerous cloud-based services for the optimisation of digital products, such as virtual test environments for test automation or an online tool for the distribution of beta apps. The combination of these diverse software testing solutions creates a unique portfolio that aimsto take the quality of software to the next level.Testbirds has helped more than 500 companies worldwide with tackling their QA and UX issues. Visit for more information.


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