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Testing 4.0 – The Next Generation of Quality


Testing 4.0 – The Next Generation of Quality

Our New Strategy – Testing 4.0

As you might have noticed in our prior blog posts, we have been thinking a lot about digital innovation and Industry 4.0 lately. As our daily and working lives are continuously evolving and adapting with technological innovations, software testing needs to keep up too. Therefore, just in time for Mobile World Congress, where all new trends for the tech sector are unveiled, we introduce our new strategy: Testing 4.0 – The Next Generation of Quality – Powered by Crowd and Cloud Technologies.  Have you seen our new website? Check it out!

Our new Product Portfolio

The entire Testbirds team has been working extra hard over the last few months to make Testing 4.0 happen. It’s not just a new slogan, but an extension of our portfolio and the integration of cloud technologies into our nest! By combining crowdtesting and cloudbased technologies (TestChameleon™), new synergies evolve and can be used to overcome all the obstacles that modern software development is facing in today’s world.With to the introduction of Testing 4.0 and the new services that come with it, we are now dividing our service portfolio into three categories:    • Quality Assurance, also called functional testing   • UX and Usability, encompassing target group specific feedback   • Testbirds Exclusives, a set of special services that are only available at Testbirds

Testing 4.0 Services

In total, we can now offer 21 services to our clients, which can be flexibly combined and/or extended by various add-ons. For example, it’s possible to perform a Usability study and in addition have a subsection of the tester group record remote usability videos when they use the website or app for the first time. For our testers, this involves an even broader range of interesting tasks. We can also now offer our clients a test-case creation service, carried out by specialists within our crowd and run automatically on our cloud based virtual machines. For our clients, their capabilities to interact with us through the nest have been expanded – with Testing 4.0 it’s now possible to request and start a test on our platform directly. There is also a new crossover function, which allows the clients to reproduce and trace bugs that have been found within a crowdtest in an embedded virtual machine. qa-ux-teTo give you a short overview and spread the word of Testing 4.0, the next three blog posts will give you an introduction to our three service categories and explain what’s new.  

Friday, 4th March: Quality Assurance at Testbirds – what’s new?  

Friday, 11th March: Our new services in UX and Usability   

Friday, 18th March: Testbirds Exclusives – our special services

Want to learn more about Testing 4.0?

For us, Testing 4.0 is a huge step. We see it as an opportunity to deliver testing solutions today, for the testing challenges of tomorrow. As our slogan says, we strive to provide the next generation of quality in the world of software testing. With the crowd and our cloud technologies we are taking software quality to the next level. But first, with MWC is over and our team returning from Barcelona, we need to celebrate. Testing 4.0 has been a massive project over the last few months and we are proud of this milestone in Testbirds’ history.

Feel free to join the party and let us know what you think about Testing 4.0! We love to hear from you and are excited to start a new era in the software testing industry – hand in hand with our amazing crowd and our in-house developed cloud technologies.Find out more on booth-mwc Testbirds Team @ MWC 2016


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