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Testing 4.0: Crowdtesting Specialists Testbirds Integrate Cloud Services into Portfolio


Testing 4.0: Crowdtesting Specialists Testbirds Integrate Cloud Services into Portfolio

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Testing 4.0: Crowdtesting Specialists Testbirds Integrate Cloud Services into Portfolio

Munich, 22nd February 2016
The IT service provider, Testbirds, which has so far been known for its crowdsource software testing services, has realigned its portfolio under the slogan: Testing 4.0 – The Next Generation of Quality. In the past two years, its services have been continuously extended with new developments such as numerous cloud based technologies that support businesses in the optimisation of their software’s user-friendliness and functionality. To successfully undertake these internal developments, all solutions and tools offered by Testbirds will be united on one platform. Testbirds has convinced the well-known Venture Capitalists EXTOREL, b-to-v and Seventure Partners to invest two million euros into its business model and strategic repositioning.

Approximately four years after the company was founded, Testbirds has announced a new era in its corporate history. With over 100,000 registered testers located in 180 countries, Testbirds is one of the world’s leading providers of crowdtesting. More than 500 companies, such as Audi, Allianz, Deutsche Post, Henkel, Payback and Western Union, are working with the IT service provider to improve the usability and functionality of their software. Other than crowdsourced software testing, the company offers cloud based technologies to its clients to optimise a variety of software and device such as websites, apps and Internet of Things applications.

One of these is TestChameleonTM, a SaaS solution that makes it possible to perform manual or automated software tests on virtual machines, or BirdFlightTM, a free online tool for the distribution of beta apps. Now, these services that have so far been separate from one another are being united on a single platform under the slogan, “Testing 4.0 – The Next Generation of Quality. Powered by Crowd and Cloud Technologies”. This enables clients to have greater access to all of Testbirds’ services and benefit from the diverse synergy between these new testing methods.

“Testbirds stands for innovation. Our goal is to provide our clients with tailored solutions to help them face the upcoming challenges in modern software development in a fast, efficient and flexible manner. Over the last two years we have continuously extended our portfolio. By integrating diverse technologies, we have taken the next big step to, together with our clients, take the quality of software to the next level”, explains Georg Hansbauer, founder and managing director of Testbirds.

” Philipp Benkler, also founder and managing director of Testbirds, agrees, “It is our vision to become the world’s leading company in innovative testing solutions. Our portfolio consisting of crowd and cloud is unique and with Testing 4.0, we deliver entirely new opportunities to our clients. Numerous existing clients are already primed and ready to use begin testing with us. We are glad to have found strong partners in our investors EXTOREL, b-to-v and Seventure, who will join us on this new and exciting journey.”

Thanks to the integration of various technologies and services, Testbirds’ clients can not only access an international testing crowd with over 250,000 real devices, but also an endless amount of virtualised testing environments. Clients can now retest the bugs found by crowdtesters on virtual machines or they can assign certified testers from the crowd with the creation of automated and manual test cases, which can then be executed on the SaaS solution, TestChameleon™.


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