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Testbirds provides information on the current Coronavirus situation – we’re still here for you!

Tobias Brunner
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Testbirds provides information on the current Coronavirus situation – we’re still here for you!

Munich, 25th of March 2020
The Coronavirus crisis keeps the world in suspense and presents companies and their decision-makers with new entrepreneurial challenges. The health and safety of employees, testers, customers, and business partners is a top priority for Testbirds. At the same time, it’s our job to be a reliable and accessible partner for our customers and business partners, especially in times of crisis.

In view of the worsening Coronavirus pandemic, Testbirds has taken extensive measures to slow down the spread of the virus and to protect employees, testers, customers, and business partners from infection. By our own initiative, Testbirds closed its corporate headquarters in Munich, as well as its international branches, on March 16, 2020 to protect our employees. In addition, business trips and personal meetings have been shifted to digital alternatives and tests in public spaces have been postponed until further notice.

The remote nature of Testbirds‘ Crowdtesting services allows us to continue to be available for our customers and business partners with our expertise and services, even in these difficult times. We work hard every day to adapt and further optimize our processes, working methods, and infrastructure according to the situation. The high quality and security standards are guaranteed by us even in times of crisis – this also applies to our tester community especially.

“Our customers and business partners implement innovations that have an impact on their business areas, organizations, industries, or even the global community, on a daily basis. In times of the Corona crisis, entrepreneurial thinking, creative solutions, and fresh ideas, which are still there after the pandemic and which drive the economy forward, are more in demand than ever.”, says Philipp Benkler, founder and CEO of Testbirds.

“Nobody can say today what the future will look like. We can’t either. But together we can already set the course today with innovative spirit, foresight, and courage to develop intelligent solutions and products of tomorrow. Software innovation in particular requires the ability to work with other people and share ideas, speak to customers, collect their feedback, and fully understand their needs. And it works best together.

Thanks to our excellent and secure infrastructure, our operational departments work as usual and ensure at all times that our customers and business partners can use and benefit from our remotely based Crowdtesting services without any restrictions even during the Coronavirus crisis.”


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