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Focus on customer centricity in digital transformation: Testbirds and digital agency PIA UDG start their partnership


Focus on customer centricity in digital transformation: Testbirds and digital agency PIA UDG start their partnership

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Tobias Brunner
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Munich, 24th of August 2021
Testbirds, a leading global crowdtesting provider from Munich, announces a partnership with the digital agency PIA UDG. The partnership strengthens the position of both Testbirds and PIA UDG as digital transformation partners for more customer centricity. New project opportunities arise for both parties to optimize the customer experience of their international clients through crowdtesting and real user feedback.

PIA UDG is part of the Performance Interactive Alliance (PIA Group), the leading digital service provider in Germany who combines strategy, creativity, and technology to create data-driven marketing. With the aim of sustainably improving the efficiency and effectiveness of all digital sales and marketing activities of its B2C and B2B clients, PIA UDG brings together the disciplines of consulting, insights & strategy, brand, creativity & UX, media, technology & platforms as well as CRM, data & analytics. For digital projects, PIA UDG offers its customers the complete value chain from strategic consulting, conception, agile software development and implementation, cloud solution architecture, managed hosting to maintenance and support. Through the partnership with Testbirds, PIA UDG can further optimize the fully integrated, digital and data-based customer experiences through UX and QA crowdtesting services and ensure a higher customer centricity for their customers based on real user feedback from the Testbirds Crowd.

“PIA UDG, as part of the market-leading PIA Group in the DACH region, develops, operates and optimizes a very broad spectrum of digital touchpoints for our customers from very different sectors and industries, both in terms of content and technology. In doing so, we always have very high standards for the quality and sustainability of the individual customer solutions. The increasing dynamics and diversity in digitalization – driven by innovations, more complex solution scenarios – especially through personalization of marketing content, individualization of conversion funnels as well as independently reacting or even learning technologies also lead the topic of “Quality Assurance” into a new evolutionary stage, as classic, linear QA procedures can no longer function,” says Sven Heimerdinger, Director Solutions at PIA UDG. “Testbirds, as a new service partner of PIA UDG, brings its very broad service portfolio, the configurable tester resources and many years of experience as well as strong know-how, providing a professional approach to meet the challenges of digitalization head-on. And not only in the functional assurance of applications, but also, for example, in the improvement of personalized customer journeys, market localizations, conversions in ecommerce or dialogues with chatbots. With Testbirds as a partner, I believe we are optimally positioned for all current and future challenges in digital business to ensure a high-quality project result for our customers and for us.”

“I am very pleased about the partnership with PIA UDG, who share our high-quality standards and also believe in the power of change as an opportunity. Especially the method “TRACK. THINK. MAKE.” method, along which PIA UDG operates in its projects, fits very well with the Testbirds philosophy. In digital transformation, it is crucial to track whether the assumptions made also meet the needs of the target group already in the development process. Here, crowdtesting with the “human factor” offers the optimal complement to data-driven insights and classic QA processes for customers from a wide range of industries and makes the partnership a win-win situation,” says Richard Waldner, Head of Partner Management at Testbirds.


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