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Testbirds’ #getreal raffle – Win a FREE PASS for MWC 2017!


Testbirds’ #getreal raffle – Win a FREE PASS for MWC 2017!

Mobile World Congress

MWC is approaching and we can’t wait to attend one of the biggest events in mobile tech. Especially since we’ll be showcasing our soon to be released testing solution; one that finally lets companies and organisations get real with mobile testing. And to share our excitement, we prepared a special raffle through which you can win a four-day pass for MWC.Update 23/01: We’re adding two tickets to give away!Update 26/01: We’ve announced the winners! Congratulations with your tickets!

How to participate in the raffle

By sharing a photo of your Android devices on Twitter, and having open the Testbirds website on at least one of them, you join in and have a chance to win one of five free four-day passes for MWC. So, have some old smartphones or tablets lying around? Show us and maybe you’ll find yourself in Barcelona next month with a four-day MWC-ticket worth €799! All you need to do is:

    1. Grab your Android device(s) and a camera or a phone with a camera.2. Open on (at least one of) the Android device(s).3. Take a picture. (No screenshots.)4. Share the picture on Twitter and use #testbirds and #getreal in the tweet.

That’s it. Four easy steps for a chance to obtain one of five four-day passes for MWC 2017. The lucky winners will be selected on the 26th of January. Below are the terms and conditions.

  • Post a picture of your Android devices. In order to do so, use the reply function on Twitter. The photo can show as many devices as you want, just make sure to open the Testbirds website on at least one of them. Please do not post screenshots of our website, we want to see your actual device(s).
  • Use the hashtags #getreal and #testbirds in the caption of the photo.

  • Wait and keep your fingers crossed until the 26th of January.
  • Fair play
  • All contestants are free to submit multiple entries. However, this does not increase the chance of winning. Winners will be randomly picked on a per username-basis, not a per tweet-basis.
  • Multiple accounts are not okay – anyone found using multiple accounts will be disqualified from the raffle.
  • Duplicates are also not fair. Please only create and share your own pictures and keep in mind the general rules of Twitter.
  • The raffle is open for participants from all over the world. There are no geographical or demographic restrictions. Just keep in mind that costs for travel, stay and accommodation are not covered by Testbirds.
  • By participating in the contest, you grant us permission to utilise your photo for promotional purposes. If you object against this, please notify us explicitly per e-mail via
  • We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms at any time.
  • Prize and prize Draw
  • The prize that can be won is one of five Exhibition Visitor Passes (E.V.P.) for Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, valid for the entirety of four days. This does not include any costs for accommodation or travel.
  • The raffle ends at Wednesday, 25th of January at 11:59 pm UTC+01:00.
  • The winners will be announced on Twitter on the following day, Thursday 26th of January and contacted on the same day.
  • We randomly select five winners from the raffle, by using As mentioned before, multiple entries by one user will count as one entry.
  • Good luck with the raffle and we hope to see you in Barcelona!

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