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Testbirds expands UK, Ireland & USA presence with new office in London

Fredrik Forss
| Linkedin
| International Marketing & PR Manager

Testbirds expands UK, Ireland & USA presence with new office in London

Munich, 17th of February 2022
Testbirds, a leading crowdtesting provider based in Munich, is gearing up their UK expansion with the reopening of their UK office in London. In response to an ongoing increase in demand and growth seen throughout the local region and across the Atlantic, the office will be the hub for operations in the UK, Ireland & USA, covering project management, delivery, and sales and marketing.

The continued growth of crowdtesting is sparking exciting developments in the UK, Ireland, and USA. A long history of activity in the UK has made this a key market for Testbirds, which maintains many solid customer relationships and a strong foothold in the region. Although the previous London office was retracted by way of centralization, the volume of business in the UK and USA clearly indicates that a dedicated local office is needed once again. This will maximize output, further progress the growth of the UK market and Testbirds as a whole, and provide a launching point to the USA.

Project Managers and Account Managers will be the first roles assigned to the team, under the leadership of Carl Fryer, who will spearhead this effort in his role as the new Country Manager, “I’m very excited to gear up the growth in these countries following successful efforts in the last few years. Thanks to our amazing clients and the continued demand and growing need for crowdtesting, we plan to expand and better serve our UK and US clients. It’s a very exciting time for us here at Testbirds but also for the future growth and application of crowdtesting as a whole.” Carl has many years of experience developing crowdtesting projects, managing accounts, and leading the International Sales team, and will take great care in managing this new hub for project sales & delivery.

“Expanding our presence in the UK enhances our capacity to serve clients in both the UK and USA. It allows us to get closer to our clients, see at eye level with them, and finally get back to meeting them face to face.”, says Andrew Maat, VP International Markets. Testbirds is currently seeking new office space for the expansion of its UK and US operations.


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