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Testbirds becomes a member of the European Tech Alliance

Tobias Brunner
| Linkedin
| Head of Marketing

Munich, 26th of August 2021
Testbirds, a leading global crowdtesting provider from Munich, has been admitted as a member of the European Tech Alliance (EUTA). The European Tech Alliance (EUTA) brings together the most important European digital champions, scaleups and leading startups with the goal of creating a better future for Europe through technology and based on shared EU values.

The European Tech Alliance was established to help Europe become the most innovative, globally competitive, and fastest growing player in the digital economy. Thereby, EUTA sees itself as a unifying voice for the European tech community, making the industry’s voice heard while its companies drive technological change. The alliance is mainly composed of tech scale-ups founded or established in Europe that are independent business entities or organizations headquartered in Europe with a European identity. Among the members are Delivery Hero,, Klarna, Spotify, SoundCloud, TomTom, Vinted and Zalando. Based on common EU values, the Alliance contributes to local economies and aims to build a sustainable, greener, innovative, and inclusive Europe for future generations. To achieve this goal, EUTA members provide EU institutions with expertise on technologies used and scaling experiences to improve the EU’s competitiveness in the global technology field. EUTA also advises political decision-makers on how to use their influence to help European companies succeed globally.

“We are proud to become part of the European Tech Alliance and join forces with many other leading tech companies. It’s important to strengthen Europe as a technology location and create an ecosystem that fosters innovation. Particularly, we’ll be focusing on bringing in our expertise regarding the platform economy and fair crowdworking conditions, which is something we’ve been working on since Testbirds initiated the code of conduct in 2015. With our crowdtesting services, we follow our principle “Building a better digital world – together”. I’m looking forward to the things we’ll achieve together with the members of the European Tech Alliance,” says Markus Steinhauser, Co-Founder & COO at Testbirds.


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