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Riding the Digitalization Highway in the Automotive Industry – a webinar with BMW Motorrad in the automotive industry – how BMW Motorrad turns fans into a part of their digital product developmentConnected cars, autonomous driving, self-driving, and connected ride – to name just a few – are disruptive challenges that the automotive industry is facing nowadays. In this environment, a lot of new challenges are to be met by product owners, managers, UX designers, development units, and other people involved in the development of apps, Internet of Things devices, as well as physical products. In our webinar, we’ll discuss in detail:- Challenges in developing and building digital IoT apps that support a vehicle like the BMW motorcycles- How to align app distribution and quick iterations with the motorcycle in the long-term product life cycle- How to face the different phases and touchpoints of a customer life cycle for a connected IoT device- Challenges in recruiting a very special target group like the community for BMW Motorrad- Combining usability and functionality testing in a real world scenario – we call it End-to-End Testing- Benefits of Crowdtesting and tailor-made solutions like Bring Your Own Crowd, when it comes to building a tester community for remote testing


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