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QA Testing – The What & Why | Testbirds Masterclass″QA Testing – The What & Why” is the topic of our first masterclass session. Our CEO & Founder Philipp explains what quality assurance testing is and why QA Testing is important to optimise your digital product. At Testbirds, we love flawless digital products and great usability, which is why we’ve put together these masterclass sessions with The Daily Telegraph & Business Reporter. We’re proud to share our knowledge with you and help build a better digital world together. So, let‘s talk about testing! And don‘t miss the chance to learn more in the four upcoming masterclass sessions!


We provide you with the latest insights from the world of crowd testing

Stop guessing if your product meets the expectations of your users and start making decisions based on facts.

Internet of Things

Get smart. Developing the ideal device.


The European game is on


Understanding the team and our clients


Meeting the unique testing needs of each client


What happens in Sales, stays in Sales?


Growing Testbirds in London

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