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Meeting the unique testing needs of each client

Paola shares how varied her work as a Project Manager is and how she meets the unique needs of a wide range of clients with tailored testing solutions.


Meeting the unique testing needs of each client

Paola shares how varied her work as a Project Manager is and how she meets the unique needs of a wide range of clients with tailored testing solutions.

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Testbirds: Hi Paola, how are you? 

I’m great, thank you. The sun is shining in Amsterdam. I really cannot complain!

Testbirds: Could you tell us more about yourself and your journey to Testbirds? 

Sure, I am originally from Italy, but I have been living in Amsterdam for 9 years. I like to travel, to climb, to read, to cook, to chill in the sun, and especially to spend time with nice people.

My journey to Testbirds has been pretty nice and articulated. I completed a bachelor’s in psychology in Turin, as well as a research master’s and a PhD in experimental psychology in Amsterdam. Towards the end of my PhD, I realized it was time for me to leave academia to explore working in the private sector.

I then obtained a project management certification and now I’m a Project Manager at Testbirds!


Testbirds: How is it like to be part of the project management team? 

It’s very nice to be part of the project management team. In fact, I am lucky to work with awesome colleagues, who are always ready to help each other out and to have a coffee and a nice chat together.

It’s especially exciting to be part of the international team, as it is valuable to collaborate with, and learn from, people from many different cultures with varied work experiences and different perspectives.

Testbirds: How does the day-to-day look like in your role? 

There’s hardly a day that is the same as another. I work on several projects with different clients and every project is unique.

While Testbirds offers a wide range of services, we work closely together with our clients to develop tailored solutions for their testing needs.

This means that as a Project Manager, you can really manage projects aimed at testing all kinds of products, from applications and websites to usability of physical products, as well as customer journeys.

Testbirds: What’s the most exciting and/or challenging thing about your current role? 

The most exciting thing for me is to understand what the clients’ needs are and to come up with an innovative and elegant solution to meet their unique needs.

What I find challenging sometimes is managing various projects at the same time. Though, good planning generally does the trick.

Testbirds: Why should ambitious talents join Testbirds and particularly within your team? 

Because Testbirds is a great place to work in! Colleagues are great. Social events are fun.

There is good communication and transparency in the company. Employees’ needs are heard. We have great trust in each other and value everyone’s skills. With our self-leadership style, we’re all responsible for our tasks and take ownership for decisions. This also means that we can come up with new ideas on our own.

There is opportunity to learn and to train with a personal development budget. The projects we work on are interesting. And those are just few of the reasons why working at Testbirds is great.

Testbirds: Any tips for potential new joiners to your team? 

I think the onboarding process is pretty smooth and exhaustive. Most importantly, the whole team is always super supportive and encouraging with new joiners.

I believe the best way to learn is to shadow people doing similar tasks to your own, so my tip would be to seek the support of your colleagues from the beginning. We’re all always happy to help!

Testbirds: What’s the best thing about working in Amsterdam? 

Definitely the possibility to go to work by bike, crossing canals and beautiful landscapes!


Testbirds: Thank you for your responses and insights! 

Want to join Paola in our international project management teams? Take a look at our careers page now!


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