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Why We Need Innovative Testing Methods

Retail has faced unprecedented challenges this past year (and counting).

Since 2011, we help our customers create digital products people really love. When Philipp, Georg, and Markus founded Testbirds 8 years ago, testing and testing methods were different from what we know today.

Back then it was mainly developers and maybe a few other colleagues who tried to find bugs and issues in their product. Now, we’re able to let real end-users from an exact target group test the digital products of our clients. This leads to flawless digital products and great usability - two things we’re really passionate about.

Today, we’re proud to offer you some more insights into our testing methods and why innovative testing has become more and more important over the last few years.
Our founder and CEO Philipp Benkler had the chance to conduct a masterclass, in partnership with Business Reporter. In the introduction, Philipp points out what has changed over the years and why testing under real-world circumstances has become so important.

Get a glimpse on the intro video here:

In this blog article, we want to give you some background information and tell you why there’s a need for different testing services than five years ago.

Digitalisation - More Than a Buzzword

Innovative Testing methods needed Testbirds Masterclass Intro

As a Bitkom study shows, more than 75% of the companies are open to digitalisation - only 2% still reject it. But what does this openness mean? How will digitalisation impact our new digital products?

In their study “Impact of Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality on Industries (2018)” TU Munich says: “Virtual (VR) and augmented reality technologies (AR) will create fundamental change in products, business models and production processes between 2020 and 2040”. The research also states that digitalisation and new technologies will have a huge impact on the service orientation of companies.

David Cearley, Gartner Vice President, even says: “The future will be characterised by intelligent devices offering ever more extensive digital service everywhere.” (Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019)
As says: “Digital business, as it relates to business technology, offers companies and individuals new ways to connect, collaborate, conduct business, and build bridges between people.”

This shows that digital technologies seem to lead to a more service-oriented world. In a time where digital products struggle with having a real USP compared to their competitors, service and UX are, more and more, becoming THE most important selling proposition.

Khalid Imran, Head of Testing at Tieto says on LinkedIn: “The goal earlier was just to move from manual to a computerized way. The goal that Digitalization brings is to improve the operational efficiency (inside facing) of the company and improve the customer experience (outside facing).” He also emphasises that customer experience is crucial in the new digital world.
Some years ago, the goal of testing was to check for defects and bugs while it’s more complex nowadays - because you have to check the customer experience. This gets even more important when you realise that your competitor is just one click away.

This means that, besides quality assurance, there’s another aspect that’s becoming bigger and bigger in the field of testing - the user experience of your product.

Everything is Agile - Why We Need Innovative Testing Solutions

A few years ago, a new software development process started to spread around the world - the agile model, which is especially known for its flexibility and speed. An Adaptavist-study shows that 80% of all software organisations already practise agile development and 65% practise continuous delivery. So, agile seems to be the best solution for most companies - but why?

While the “old” structured waterfall model for software development will be completed as one single project, with the agile model we have more of a collection of many different projects. This makes development, as well as product improvement and modification, faster - very fast, actually. Because of the shorter sprint cycles (most of the time only one or two weeks) we also have a faster feature delivery

Besides that, according to Guru99, agile methods are more focused on the product and the wishes of the end-user - so you see, there might be a need for different testing coming up here. 

While the test phase always comes after the build phase in the waterfall model, faster sprints and parallel projects require testing throughout the entire development lifecycle. The times when testing only happened after a complete build are officially a thing of the past.
No one has time (nor money) to develop a complete product only to realise that the end-user doesn’t understand or - even worse - doesn’t need it. 

Innovative Testing methods needed Testbirds Masterclass Intro

How Crowdtesting Can Solve Those Issues

As we heard before, Digitalisation leads to a growing importance of the user experience of your product. And who could give better feedback on your user experience than your specific users? With Crowdtesting at Testbirds, we are able to choose testers from your exact target group - because asking male students won’t help you if you’re developing a product for young families. Our Crowd consists of more than 400,000 testers all over the world with more than 900,000 devices at hand. We can find the right testers for your website, app, game or IoT-device.

In the second paragraph, we saw how development has evolved over the last years coming from the waterfall model to modern agile models. The importance of testing throughout the whole development lifecycle was especially pointed out. Once again, Crowdtesting is the perfect solution. Whether you want to test your prototype, find out how to structure and categorise your website, compare your product with your competitors, or simply find out if there are any bugs left, testing with our Crowd is your best course of action.

Are you interested in learning more about QA, UX, and Crowdtesting, now? Watch our masterclass with Founder and CEO Philipp Benkler!

Testbirds specialises in the testing of software such as apps, websites and Internet of Things applications by using innovative technologies and solutions. Under the slogan, “Testing Reality”, the company offers various testing methods to its clients looking to optimise the user-friendliness and functionality of their digital products. With over 250,000 registered testers located in 193 countries, Testbirds is one of the world’s leading crowdtesting providers. In addition, the IT service provider utilises cloud based technologies to support customers in the optimisation of their digital products. The combination of the two testing methods delivers a unique and extensive portfolio that takes the quality of software to the next level. Testbirds was founded in 2011 by Philipp Benkler, Georg Hansbauer


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