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Leading crowdsourcing companies present self-imposed Code of Conduct

Tobias Brunner
| Linkedin
| Head of Marketing

Munich, 9th July 2015
The famous crowdsourcing providers: clickworker, Streetspotr and Testbirds have jointly drawn up a code of conduct with the support of the German Association of Crowdsourcing, which should govern future cooperation between providers, clients and crowdworkers. The code of conduct was presented for the first time to the public on the 8th of July, 2015 as a part of a panel discussion with representatives from the economic, scientific and labour sector. The aim is to complement current legislation that establishes a set of general guidelines which make crowdworking a new form of working, resulting in a win-win situation for everyone involved. The Code of Conduct is readily available and open for signatures to all interested companies. In addition, it will be continuously developed as required. For in-depth information please refer to:

Crowdsourcing, or the outsourcing of projects and tasks to the global internet community, is no longer a phenomenon that exists in the margins of society. More and more people are taking advantage of this opportunity to make money, while businesses gain access to a large variety of potential workers as well as experts. “Crowdworking addresses the desires of many employed workers to achieve more freedom and flexibility,” explains Philipp Benkler, CEO of Testbirds, the company that took the initiative to create the Code of Conduct.

“With regards to the actual design of the crowdworking process, there are still many uncertainties,” says Benkler. With this set of self-imposed rules, crowdsourcing providers aim to bridge the gap and do their part in order to achieve a profitable income as well as a motivating form of employment for all parties involved in this initiative. In addition to this, the Code of Conduct includes guidelines on data protection, terms of reference and communication amongst other important principles.

“Crowdsourcing more and more allows the creation of new forms of employment as well as an original approach to cooperation between all relevant parties. Due to the constantly changing requirements for work an open and flexible structure within organizations has become a necessity,” emphasizes Dr. Michael Gebert, vice president of the Association of crowdsourcing. “A joint Code of Conduct allows a solid and sustainable base for cooperation with the providers of fluid, crowd-based working models. By creating the Code of Conduct, essential cornerstones and consolidated values are established and acknowledged. The Crowdsourcing Association welcomes and supports this initiative.”

“Crowdworking has become an integral part of society and it is here to stay. Therefore, I think it is necessary to speak about the conditions and rules surrounding it as well as to promote future discussions,” adds Dorothea Utzt of Streetspotr. Christian Rozenich, CEO of clickworker also agrees, “The Code of Conduct is an important step to further professionalize the crowdsourcing industry and to together send a clear message. All interested companies are invited to join this initiative.”

For more information about the Code of Conduct, please refer to:


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