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Introducing Community Points: Showing Some Love to Our Testers


Introducing Community Points: Showing Some Love to Our Testers

As a tester, you may have noticed some changes on your Dashboard this week. The biggest addition is a new point-system in our Nest: Community Points. Along with Experience Points, Community Points are a way to reward our testers. The difference is that Community Points (CPs) are used as a reward for a variety of non-testing related tasks. Experience Points (EPs) reflect experience as a tester and the amount of points received depends only on the quality of the work submitted in tests. We thought test-related experience points weren’t enough to reward our testers for everything they do, so we created CPs. Testers can earn CPs by contributing positively to the Testbirds community, and there are many ways to earn CPs!

How can I earn Community Points?

In general, these points can be earned by contributing to the Testbirds tester community in a positive way. This includes, but is not limited to, recruiting testers, writing a guest blog post, participating in a test after being queued as a back-up tester, being selected as Bird of the Month (Special Accomplishment Category), or simply by being a great tester and making our day.

Recruiting new testers

We like to encourage and motivate our testers to recruit for us, and that’s why we’ve made two separate categories for recruiting. Regular Recruiting can be done by any one of our testers, and it simply involves referring someone to our Nest. Special Recruiting is when testers are asked by us to recruit people from a special demographic. For example, if we need testers in the Maldives that go scuba diving regularly, we would ask our testers to recruit this unique group of people for us.

By recruiting this “special” target group, our testers can earn points for Special Recruiting. We can track how many testers you’ve recruited if you use your own unique tracking link. Give it a try and see how many points you can earn! Unlike Experience Points, these points are not competitive and won’t be displayed to other testers on the Dashboard. We believe that everyone should strive to contribute positively to the Testbirds community not with the goal of having the most points, but because it’s what a community does.

What else is new on my Dashboard?

Along with the makeover of the Open Tasks section, you can now find two new sections on your Dashboard. This first is titled Bird News. This live-ticker shows which other testers are earning Community Points and for what task. Below, you will find a new ranking called Top 10 Bird Recruiters and You. This table is comparing the Recruiting Points of all the testers and ranking them. We didn’t want to make CPs competitive, but thought that a little recruitment competition couldn’t hurt, right?



We are very excited about our Dashboard redesign and Community Points, and hope that you, our tester, will like these additions too! If you have any feedback about this feature or the new design, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below or contact us via






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