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Battle of the Apps: Amazon vs. eBay

At Testbirds we know that there are few things more important to us than functionality and usability. In a world where an app’s ability to compete is dictated by a rating, it’s the difference between success and failure. This fact has led us to create a new blog series: The Battle of the Apps. Here, two apps chosen by our own testers will go head to head in a rigorous UX and QA testing process executed by our crowd. We chose to begin with retail apps and after a staggering 202 votes, the two companies that our crowd would most like to see battle it out are: Amazon vs. eBay!Using our own testing platform, “The Nest”, 140 of our 200,000 crowdtesters completed qualitative and quantitative questions to determine the winner of the retail edition of Battle of the Apps. They completed two rounds of testing, with 5 use cases and a general rating question in each.


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