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Barcelona calling: Testbirds at Mobile World Congress 2022


Barcelona calling: Testbirds at Mobile World Congress 2022

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It’s been a long time coming but we’ll finally be meeting in person at the Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona! We haven’t been back since 2019 (for obvious reasons) but thankfully 2022 is starting us all off on the right foot. #MWC22 is a wonderful opportunity to see what the mobile and tech industry will be delivering us in the years ahead. 

When? February 28 – March 3, 2022 

Where? Congress Square, CS54 | Fira Gran Via, Barcelona | Spain 

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As our Vice President International Markets, Andrew Maat said, “It’s going to be an amazing event this year with over 1500 exhibitors and hundreds of the world-leading companies and innovators. The past couple of years have given the theme of ‘connectivity’ an increased focus as so many people were disconnected from colleagues, friends, and family. It’s the technology that has helped keep us together.” The years ahead for digital solutions will certainly focus on this, and it’s clear why this year MWC is taking a close look at connectivity. 

MWC is the world’s premier trade show to discover the latest mobile devices and tech innovations. This year’s event won’t be any different but will take a closer look at numerous themes around connectivity – from 5G and how it is (and will continue to) shape the world, to Advancing AI and its transformative impact, CloudNet’s enabling of large-scale transformation, the disruptive power of Fintech, how the Internet of Things is transforming physical spaces, and how mobile solutions are moving from ‘simple’ devices to providing purpose. 

 #MCW22: Connectivity Unleashed 

With so many exhibitors, it’s a sure bet there’ll be a lot of new phones on display. Samsung is expected to showcase their new Galaxy S22 range, Nokia their 10 series (or maybe they’ll focus on their networking solutions?), Huawei may bring in their foldable Mate X3, there could be the launch of the Xiaomi 12. And let’s not forget Motorola, TCL, Alcatel, and Lenovo. From phones to smartwatches, to smart glasses and vehicles, the industry is sure to deliver some amazing devices. 

We’ll soon find out. 

But one thing we do know, as Stefano Pesando, Testbirds Account Manager for Southern Europe, said: “The past two years have been highly disruptive, and this has seen the industry take a longer look at security, safety, environmental and social issues, and (of course) connectivity.” 

In addition to a wide range of topics about business innovation, startups, manufacturing, scaleup collaboration, digital transformation, and more, various speakers will also talk about inclusion, diversity, climate change, education, democracy, empowerment, and health. The things that connected technology can help improve (or potentially sabotage). 

Theme one: 5G Connect 

5G will, naturally, play a key role at MWC22. Not that this has stopped some speakers already wondering about 6G! As MWC notes: “By 2025, 5G networks will cover one-third of the world’s population, becoming increasingly fluid, flexible, and tailored to the needs of the user. 

From the Internet of Things to cars, healthcare, and manufacturing, 5G is set to connect us faster and more securely than ever before. It will enable digital-first customer experiences that will transform how many people live – anywhere in the world. 

“At Testbirds,’ noted Carl Fryer, Testbirds Country Manager UK, ‘it’s an area we’re extremely interested in as 5G is set to impact many of the digital innovations that we test. Especially in the automotive, retail, healthcare, and fintech industries. Crowdtesting can deliver a true competitive advantage when it comes to connected devices using 5G networks.” 

Theme two: Advancing AI 

We’re very quickly heading into a reality where artificial intelligence will be used in most digital products. It’s no surprise that MWC writes, “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a key driver of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and innovation. And as networks gain more intelligence, the impact can be seen not only in network planning, but in every other aspect of business and industry.” 

Whether through connected, autonomous-driving vehicles or in the call center of your bank, AI-driven solutions will increasingly dictate the user experience. Ensuring your AI products work as intended – as a human would but without mistakes – is essential. Crowdtesting, using actual people that resemble your customers, can ensure its safety and usability. And, as will be discussed at MWC, whether it is ethical. 

Theme three: CloudNet 

Traditional mobile network operators have been under increased pressure from digitally-native companies for the past decade, which has seen them look for ways to maximize their online services. This was also mentioned by the MWC: “Networks continue to adapt in order to support service delivery and today, cloud is seen as a key enabler of large-scale transformation with the market projected to reach $75 billion by 2026. 

Ultimately, it’s hoped that with such cloud services (combined with IoT ecosystems), telcos can scale quickly, add more services faster, respond quicker, deploy applications efficiently, and improve the customer experience – both to the public and enterprise-level organizations. This will certainly impact their testing needs in the coming years. But getting it right can bring substantial benefits. 

Theme four: Fintech 

As with the telco industry’s new digital challengers, the financial industry has its own. Fintech. By being able to quickly offer solutions that meet changing customer needs and expectations for digital offerings, while giving personalized, affordable, and immediate, 24/7 access to consumers’ finances, the fintech industry is growing rapidly. 

From MWC: “Many operators have entered the financial service space over the past five to ten years, building fintech businesses with strong new assets and significant revenue growth. This trend is accelerating right across the globe as technology continues to reduce barriers and enable new disruptions and innovations as seen in the growth in digital currencies, NFTs and blockchain. 

But as with many digital solutions that involve personal data – and money – ensuring security (including the user’s identity and data), user-friendliness, and efficiency is essential. Whether a customer is accessing services via an app or purchasing via their favorite social media platform, it must be seamless, dependable, and secure. Crowdtesting can help ensure it is. 

Theme five: Internet of Everything 

The MWC was spot on when they said, “Internet of Everything is the next evolutionary stage of the connected world. With over 40 billion devices, the growing suite of connected devices and smart technologies offers a new means to reimagine and transform physical spaces to be more adaptive, customized and to even anticipate new needs before they arise. 

When you consider the Internet of Things (IoT), there’s no doubt that our digital world is rapidly changing. There is becoming no limit to what we can connect to – a lightbulb, a watch, your car. However, the Internet of Everything broadens this concept. 

This was nicely expanded on by Salesforce, who provided two distinct differences: “The Internet of Things focuses on physical objects. The Internet of Everything focuses on four constituents: people, things, data and processes.” 

IoT could ‘simply’ be turning on a smart lightbulb via your smartphone. IoE, as noted by Salesforce, is more expansive. For example, “Logistics companies can use sensors and devices on delivery trucks to optimise delivery schedules and routes for cost reduction and customer satisfaction. 

Fredrik Forss, Testbirds Marketing & PR Manager summed this up nicely. “Imagine the testing needs for such solutions as we become ever more connected! Mistakes and errors simply won’t be tolerated.” 

Theme six: Tech Horizon 

Technology has provided immense benefits to humanity and it’s clear that we are entering a new tech revolution featuring mobility, digitalization, and connectivity. Where once a device was made to provide a set outcome (tell the time, make a phone call, heat a room, etc.), today’s powerful, connected, and flexible technologies can deliver results and bring us together in ways never known. Ways that can help us provide universal education, power life sciences companies to deliver affordable healthcare to any person in any nation, even to battle environmental degradation. 

As MWC says, “The Tech Horizon theme aims to explore how mobile is transforming our future with innovations that go beyond the industry and deliver purpose. We continue to act for change in areas including climate and diversity, and as services, homes and cities continue to be transformed through digital, new tech horizons aims to inspire the next generation of disruptions and innovations, as we re-invent and re-imagine our world post-Covid. 

With the right purpose, imagine what we can achieve. 

Of course, all of that is just scratching the surface about what to expect at MWC22. We’re excited to be there and reconnect with our customers and those working in the world digital world. Not only to discuss the latest trends and developments but to show just how valuable crowdtesting is – and increasingly will be – as our world becomes more connected. 

If you plan on visiting #MWC22 in Barcelona, we’d be more than happy to discuss your testing needs and how we can help. Either visit us at our booth (Congress Square, CS54) or schedule a meeting here with your preferred time slot! 

¡Estamos deseando verle allí! (We can’t wait to see you there!) 


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