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The World’s Leading AI-Powered Quality Engineering Company

Qualitest brings in the culture of quality orchestration across your business, technology and operational landscape through its engineering-led process discipline.

Your Benefits

With Our Powers Combined

Qualitest and Testbirds join forces since 2020 to accelerate innovation in software testing. Through this partnership we are be able to contribute even more to the success of our clients, who are continuously striving to provide an improved and compelling customer experience across all channels. Our combined service offering is designed to support your digital transformation journey by leveraging Crowdtesting, AI, DevOps and Automation.

Together, Qualitest and Testbirds are creating an even stronger network for crowdtesting and digital quality assurance
Benefit from the most cost-effective, speedy, and reliable way to guarantee you offer the best user and customer experience on the market
Effectively run tests tailored to your individual needs and requirements
Test your digital products and services worldwide and in any user scenario

About Qualitest

Qualitest is the world’s largest, independent managed services provider of AI-led quality engineering and testing solutions. They help brands make the transition through every stage of the digital assurance journey, from moving beyond functional testing to adopting new innovations such as automation, AI, and crowd-sourced UX testing (usability testing). Qualitest offers a wide range of personalized testing and quality engineering that both designs and delivers solutions that leverage deep, industry-specific understanding for a variety of sectors, including technology, telecommunications, healthcare, finance, defence, media, utilities, and retail.

Your Quality Partner

Your integrated quality engineering partner

  • Qualitest are unique in their AI offering, prioritizing speciality and quality in their engineering and enhancing the digital assurance for clients and enabling their digital transformation.
  • Qualitest was named Visionary in Gartners’ Magic Quadrant for Application Testing Services for the 6th year in a row.
  • Qualitest serves over 250 blue-chip customers worldwide.
  • Qualitest offers engineering and testing services across a broad spectrum: cyber security testing, healthcare IT testing, mobile testing services, hardware IV and V testing, website testing, test process improvement, testing consulting, load testing service, telecom testing, wireless network testing, unit testing and automation testing.

How we engage

Enabling digital transformation. Touching lives.

Qualitest provides innovative and scalable business quality engineering solutions that protect our clients’ brand through end-to-end value demonstration with laser focus on customer experience and release velocity.

A cutting-edge company, Qualitest provides scalable business quality engineering solutions that protect brands through end-to-end value demonstration with a focus on customer experience and release velocity. The organization’s core mission is to mitigate business risk associated with digital adoption. They customise their solutions to tailor a business’ requirements and seamlessly integrate them into a specific IT process. Qualitest’s global, time-tested delivery models and experienced engineers aim to help businesses to achieve more, faster and to save costs.

Qualitest stands by our clients to assure their brands through engineering quality upfront and driving market-impacting changes at record breaking time. Our focus is around the industries that impact human lives and our clients look to us as their trusted and modern Partner for their strategic AI & Data Science, DevOps and Quality Engineering needs.

Unparalleled quality assurance.

Ensure your products and services are what you want them to be and what your customers expect. our AI-led QA services, based on our extensive QA experience and expertise, guarantee your quality, efficiency and peace of mind.

Business-driven quality engineering.

As an integrated quality engineering partner, we’ll help you achieve business assurance, harness the power of AI and automation, and embrace the culture of quality orchestration across your business, technologies and operations.

Turnkey digital engineering services.

Offer your customers outstanding experiences with expert digital engineering solutions, including DevOps, product engineering, AI & data analytics, digital EdTech, enterprise application engineering services, content digitization and more.

Our engagement models include

Managed Crowd Testing

Cover any device, browser, OS version or carrier/network in any region and language.

Managed Testing Services

You set the targets. We take all the testing responsibility, with payment strictly on results.

Project-Based Testing

Call us in at any stage. We’ll guide your QA Project to a successful, on-budget outcome.

Strategic Consultancy

Our consultants and AI-powered tools will give your test, business and V&V processes a rigorous review.

Global Delivery

Optimize costs, quality and convenience with the optimal testing locations.

Joint webinars, releases, etc.

The Banking, Financial Services & Insurance sector is changing. Moving from old-school face-to-face business, such as queuing to pay with cheques or to book an appointment, to enabling fast-paced digital customer journeys that are available anywhere and anytime the customer pleases.

Competition to attract customers is growing, people are not just checking the financial benefits of different offerings, but also reflecting on how good the digital customer journey is. In this webinar we focus on how the BFSI sector can improve the customer journey. Watch below to find out more.

Webinar: Enhancing Customer Experience in the BFSI Sector - Testbirds
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