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Say goodbye to inefficient testing by reducing resources and maximising results. Get instant access to over 2,500,000 device, operating system and software combinations with Testbirds.

How it works

Want to learn how this all works? Take a look at our Documentation or GitHub.

Take the quality of your applications to the next level!

Our USPs for Test Automation

  • Cross browser and application testing on VMs, emulators and real devices with TestChameleon
  • Access to thousands of Android devices from testers all over the world with our Global Real Device Network (GRDN)
  • Runs with Selenium, Appium and all other frameworks without any limitations
  • Continuous integration with various tools such as Jenkins or Cruise Control
  • High scalability and individual configurations
  • Ability to connect internal test servers
  • No additional plug-ins required creating a truly seamless testing experience

Sneak peek on our Global Real Device Network

Test your digital product on real devices from all over the world

Rebtel chooses the Global Real Device Network

Device testing is integral to our mobile QA process at Rebtel. We’ve tried many cloud device testing platforms and none can provide the functionality we need. The GRDN promises to meet our needs and then some, with the globally distributed nature of the network representing real users much better than a single-location device-farm.

Andy Kaminski

Head of Mobile, Rebtel


Application Testing

Ensure the functionality of your mobile application on different systems. Get the best results by using our Global Real Device Network under real world conditions.

Cross Browser Testing

Test your website on all operating system and browser combinations to ensure a high level of functionality across different versions.

Continuous Integration

Use plug-ins for CI systems such as Jenkins to generate further insights into software builds and test processes.

Rich Client Software

Additional software packages such as Java and Flash versions are available and managed by Testbirds at your convenience.

Customise It

Customise your testing environment by installing any kind of software. For enterprise customers, we also offer a private cloud with additional features.

Concurrent Test Execution

Get access to several devices at the same time. This maximises your speed of development. Tests that normally would take hours will now take minutes.


Continuous Integration

Our cloud technologies integrate into various CI tools such as Jenkins or Cruise Control to function as a controlling or reporting tool.


Run your automated tests using scripts developed with, for example, Appium or Selenium. We also support other test automation frameworks.

Devices for Automated Testing

1000+ Real Devices

2.5 M Virtual Machines

200 Emulators

Want to learn more about the future of testing? Check out our whitepapers.


Improve your digital products overnight

Ensure a faster time to market by using test automation. For example, run 100 test cases on 10 different desktop PCs overnight to quickly pinpoint issues. Testing has never been easier and faster.

Test under real world conditions

Use the Global Real Device Network now to address the issues of platform fragmentation. Get rid of device laboratories that only mimic real world conditions. Test your app on the devices in your customer’s pockets.

Save maintenance and development costs while keeping a high level of security

Our modern technologies are exclusively created by Testbirds. Our SaaS solutions not only guarantee maximum security, but also save you extensive maintenance and development costs.

Free trial Device Cloud for 30 days

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