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Mobile App Testing

Test your Apps with Emulators or real iOS and Android devices from real users. Use test automation with frameworks like Appium & Selenium or manual testing

Mobile App Testing

Ensure complete functionality of your apps on all devices, platforms and anywhere in the world using our emulators and real devices


Use manual testing directly in your browser or automated testing by means of a framework like Appium, Selenium etc.


Test on emulated devices or numerous real devices used by real users


Ensure that your mobile app works anytime and anywhere using regression testing in initial phases or after iterations of development


We guarantee maximum data security through our servers hosted in Germany (ISO27001 certified hosting of services and emulated devices)


iOS, Android, native, hybrid and web apps – test all varieties without restrictions via our cloud service


We offer multiple features to enhance your experience such as taking screenshots or videos, various input-gestures, input of GPS-coordinates and more

Take the quality of your applications to the next level!


Optimise your digital products with cross browser and application testing on VMs, emulators and real devices. Get real with our Global Real Device Network - and get access to real devices of 300k testers worldwide.

Emulators & Virtual Machines

Diversity & flexibility: Create arbitrary combinations from Android/iOS versions, screen resolutions and other parameters
Simple & scalable: Install all your apps on numerous devices
Efficient & time-saving: Execute multiple tests in parallel and simultaneously

Real Devices

Testing Reality: Operate on real devices from real users around the world
Simple & convenient: Access the device directly, install the app and that’s it
Test the last mile: Simulate every error scenario

App Installation


Upload App for manual or automated testing


APK/IPA Upload and distribution to own devices or to devices from our Global Real Device Network


Provide your Beta Apps without using Google Play or iTunes App Store


Save time through automated App Resigning

Test Automation


Seamless integration to your Continuous Integration Framework


Automated testing with Appium and many other frameworks


Comprehensive documentation and automation scripts for a quick start


Test efficiently and cost effectively in parallel and by combining real devices with emulators

Manual Testing


Native gestures: Simple and close-to-reality interactions with devices in your browser (Tap, Scroll, Swipe …)


Geo location testing: Set GPS-coordinates


Localisation testing: Change the devices’ language


Real world network conditions: Test network conditions from all over the world

Virtual Devices

Virtualisation at it’s core – get powerful crossbrowser and application testing with our very own device cloud packages “Virtual Devices”

from €15

Virtual & Real Devices

Combine now the power of simulation & reality – powerful testing on our VMs and emulators combined with access to real devices of real users

from €71

Testing-Plattform Nest

DEVICE CLOUD: Test Automation

Our Device Cloud provides you with all the testing methods you need to revolutionise your quality assurance process. This video shows how you can start a cloud test in a quick, easy and efficient way on our testing platform: the Nest.

New Features in the Nest

Case Study Landal GreenParks

DEVICE CLOUD: Landal GreenParks uses device cloud to optimise the guest experience

For Landal, Testbirds executed diverse testing solutions, starting with a custom load and performance test. A substantial data load was generated to examine the performance of the platform during heavy data traffic peaks.

Download Case Study

Rebtel uses Device Cloud

“Device testing is integral to our mobile QA process at Rebtel. We’ve tried many cloud device testing platforms and none can provide the functionality we need. The GRDN promises to meet our needs and then some, with the globally distributed nature of the network representing real users much better than a single-location device-farm.”

Andy Kaminski | Head of Mobile, Rebtel

VM Runtime Minutes (2017)

Device, OS and software combinations

Tester devices available

Documentation Device Cloud

You can find informative examples and the complete technical documentation of TestChameleon™ and the Global Real Device Network here.
Technical documentation >

Integration examples Selenium

In our Github repository you will find numerous integration examples with TestChameleon™ – our flexible SaaS solution for reproducible on-demand test environments – and the Remote WebDriver.
Our GitHub repository >

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