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Device Cloud

The Device Cloud offers you all the test equipment for quality assurance: virtual machines, emulators and real devices from real users – with our Global Real Device Network.

Device Cloud – Power of the Cloud

Automated & manual testing in the cloud: Cross browser and cross platform testing on virtual machines, emulators and real devices.

Test automation with innovative cloud technologies


Cross browser & application testing on virtual machines, emulators and real devices with the Global Real Device Network


Work with Selenium, Appium, or any other Selenium-based framework – without any limitations


Continuous integration with different tools like Jenkins or Cruise Control


High scalability and individual configuration

Manual testing for any purpose and with any device


Access to thousands of Android devices from testers around the world with our Global Real Device Network (GRDN)


Ideal tool for regression tests, ad-hoc tests as well as explorative and development-related tests around your applications


Access to 2.5 mio. combinations of devices, operating systems and software


Highest data security with testing environments completely developed by Testbirds and server hosting only in Germany.

Take the quality of your applications to the next level!


Optimise your digital products with cross browser and application testing on VMs, emulators and real devices. Get real with our Global Real Device Network - and get access to real devices of 300k testers worldwide.

Manual Testing

Easy and efficient manual testing is finally here. Remote and direct access to real devices, VMs and emulators.

Simple and without restrictions: With manual tests on our devices, you can directly receive the desired test results and guarantee your users bug-free usability.

Test Automation

Say goodbye to inefficient testing by reducing resources and maximising results. Get instant access to over 2,500,000 device, operating system and software combinations with Testbirds.

Devices & Global Real Device Network

Gain direct access to over 2.5 million possible combinations of devices, operating systems and software with our TestChameleon™: With our virtual machines, you get your virtual test lab for all applications and any combination of operating system (Win, Mac, Linux), browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari) and software (e.g. Java and Flash).
With our Global Real Device Network you can test under real conditions with 500k real devices.

Testing platform Nest

DEVICE CLOUD: Test Automation
Simple, fast and efficient test automation with the Testbirds Device Cloud: This video shows how you can start a cloud test in our testing platform, the Nest.

New features in the Nest

Device Cloud
“Device testing is integral to our mobile QA process at Rebtel. We’ve tried many cloud device testing platforms and none can provide the functionality we need. The GRDN promises to meet our needs and then some, with the globally distributed nature of the network representing real users much better than a single-location device-farm.”
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Andy Kaminski

Head of Mobile, Rebtel

Virtual Devices

Virtualisation at it’s core – get powerful crossbrowser and application testing with our very own device cloud packages “Virtual Devices”

from €15

Virtual & Real Devices

Combine now the power of simulation & reality – powerful testing on our VMs and emulators combined with access to real devices of real use

from €71


Devices: Desktops, tablets & smartphones
Software: Webshop


Number: 148
Age: 30-50
Gender: 60% ♂ / 40% ♀
Nationality: NL

How Landal GreenParks uses device cloud to optimise the guest experience


Load and Performance Testing


Exploratory Bug Testing


Usability and UX study

The outcomes of the tests have helped Landal avoid mistakes with its e-commerce platform and to develop new features that correspond with the wishes of its target audience. Some unexpected test results were also remarkably helpful. Swinnen adds: “In this way, we spot errors in a timely fashion, allowing us to avoid issues that have a negative impact on our conversion rate.”


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VM Runtime Minutes (2017)

Device, OS and software combinations

Tester devices available

Documentation Device Cloud

You can find informative examples and the complete technical documentation of TestChameleon™ and the Global Real Device Network here.
Technical documentation >

Integration examples Selenium

In our Github repository you will find numerous integration examples with TestChameleon™ – our flexible SaaS solution for reproducible on-demand test environments – and the Remote WebDriver.
Our GitHub repository >

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