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Webinar: The Next Level of Game Testing: Future-Proofing


Webinar: The Next Level of Game Testing: Future-Proofing


Real users, more real users, and automation – establishing a testing environment for the next generation of gaming

Gaming has evolved – and it continues to do so. The target audience of the industry has expanded and is no longer restricted to the people playing a game. Now, gamers seek out experiences on several platforms and in several different forms, watching content from professionals and amateurs alike, sharing posts on social media, and engaging in discussions with other players. As the gaming experience has grown, so have the needs of the target audience. In this forum, we’ll discuss:- Considering local circumstances that affect the player experience- Optimizing UX for player acquisition and retention- Recognizing the human factor and its potential effects- Engaging more with players by learning about their needs- Increasing testing coverage by combining beta communities with automation and Crowdtesting


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