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Who we are

Birds fly better together.


At Testbirds we work in a dynamic environment, one that functions as a feel-good place where everyone can be their true selves. Through self-leadership and a high degree of flexibility, our employees independently take ownership of their field of responsibility and are encouraged to share ideas and opinions. We believe in teamwork and trust. Only with the collective power of “togetherness”, are we able to constantly challenge the status quo and skyrocket the digital world, modernizing user experiences and overcoming functional issues.

Christine and Stefanie, our Recruiters

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We are HUMAN.

Our office is a safe place where our employees feel comfortable being their true selves. Therefore, trust is the basis of our collaboration. We support, challenge, and motivate each other across departments and value outstanding performances. Together, we learn from mistakes, use them as opportunities to develop, and give open and honest feedback, while at the same time celebrating successes together. This is possible thanks to our amazing Testbirds colleagues; colleagues that often grow into friends.


All Birds are encouraged to contribute to the growth of Testbirds and simultaneously to drive their personal and professional development. To facilitate this, we’ve established our “Personal Growth Day” series and offer an individual budget for external trainings or conferences. We believe in rapid, continuous changes to become a little bit better every day. A pragmatic atmosphere is essential for us, where responsibility is shared across the whole team. We are not afraid of controversial discussions, but rather believe that they foster innovation. 


Were on a mission for flawless digital products and great user experiences. It’s our aspiration to shape a cooperative environment at eyelevel with our clients to create digital products that people really love. Together with our large testing community, we enjoy looking for bugs and identifying user experience and usability issues. With passion and enthusiasm, we deliver real and honest user feedback.

We look forward to getting to know you!

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