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Hi, I am Fernando. In the development team it’s our goal to improve and maintain the crowdtesting infrastructure, our platform, the Nest and the Testbirds Companion app, which employees and testers use in their daily work.

Most of our team works from Munich, but thanks to flexible working hours and the possibility of working remotely we also have team members working in Brazil and Bulgaria.

We’re split into two teams:

  • The “Nest team” works on the development of our core crowdtesting platform, the Nest. The frontend is built with React and we work with the Symfony PHP framework in the backend.
  • The “App team” takes care of our native Android and iOS apps. We use Material Components, reactive programming, and other state of the art libraries like Java & Kotlin on Android, Swift on iOS, and the Spring framework in the backend.

The way we work in Development is shown in this (simplified) weekly process:

  • Standup meeting to improve collaboration within the team, solve blocking issues, and get to know what others are working on.
  • Refinement in sprint planning meetings (scrum) where we discuss what issues to tackle next and how to do so.
  • Review process to further improve collaboration and dive into details of certain tickets. 
  • Demo to showcase and take pride in what we achieved in the current sprint.

The best thing about our team though, is that we probably have the most exciting team events: we’ve gone sailing, climbed the Zugspitze (sort of), went rafting on the Isar, visited a distillery, went to the Therme Erding, and more!

Christine and Stefanie, our Recruiters

Reach them by email or by phone:
Tel.: +49 89 856 3335 – 16

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