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Testbirds Application – FAQ

We have collected the most common questions about our application process here at Testbirds and answered them for you. If you have a question that could not be answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact our HR Team.

1. How can I apply for a position at Testbirds?

The best way to apply to Testbirds is by completing our application form. Alternatively you can send your application via mail: Your contact person is our HR Manager Kathrin Doering.

2. Are the job offers on the Testbirds website up-to-date?

Yes, all the published job offers are up-to-date. As soon as the position is filled, we will remove the job offer.

3. I haven’t found a job offer that fits me at the moment. What can I do?

In this case you may send us your speculative application and let us know how you would like to contribute to Testbirds.

Or, to bridge the waiting times until a matching position will be online, you could become a tester.

4. I have a problem using the application form. What can I do?

In this case, you can send your application via email: In case you did not receive a confirmation email after sending your application via the online application form, you can also send us an email. Please make sure to check your spam folder.

5. I submitted my application via the application form. Now I want to add some further documents. What can I do?

You can send these documents via email to Please state that you have already applied via the application form.

6. Does Testbirds offer internships?

Yes! We heartily welcome interns and offer an exciting internship program for interns from all over the world.

It’s often a great opportunity to combine your internship with your thesis. In the past, multiple students have written their Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis in cooperation with Testbirds. If you are considering writing your thesis about or with Testbirds, or if you have a specific topic in mind, please state this in your application and we can discuss further details in person.

In some areas we also offer working student opportunities. You can find all of our current internship and working student opportunities here. The basic requirement for becoming an intern at Testbirds is that you are currently registered as a full time student at a University. Unfortunately we cannot offer internships to secondary school students. The application process for interns and working students is the same as the process for permanent positions (s. question 8).

7. What application documents are required?

To ensure a quick and smooth application process we need you to submit the following documents in pdf-format:

  • Cover letter including your motivation for the position, your salary expectations and your earliest start date. For an application as intern we also need the duration of the internship. If it’s a mandatory internship, we also need your enrolment certificate and a document from your university that states that this internship is required in your studies.
  • CV with language skills included
  • Employment certificates (if possible)
  • Latest report card
  • Your contact information (incl. address, email, telephone number and Skype contact information if possible)
8. How does the application process work?

Our HR Team is anxious to review your application as soon as possible. If your application fits one of our vacant positions, we will contact you by phone or via email and invite you to a telephone or Skype interview. If this is successful we will invite you to a personal interview to our office in Munich (if possible). Afterwards, in most cases, a final decision will be made.

If your profile does not match, you will also receive a message from us.

9. If I got a rejection, can I apply again later?

You can apply again later or for another position. Depending on how many applications we get for a position, your chances can vary.

10. What kinds of employments does Testbirds offer?

Testbirds offers mainly permanent positions and internships. However, we do offer some working student positions as well. We appreciate people with work experience as well as young professionals.

11. In which countries can I work for Testbirds?

Testbirds operates globally. At the moment we are searching for employees for our offices in Munich, Amsterdam and London and Stockholm.

12. What does the onboarding process look like?

Every employee that starts at our company is assigned to a buddy, who will show you around the office on your first day, introduce you to the different departments and provides you with extensive information about daily life at Testbirds. Shortly after you start some detailed introductions to all of our departments will take place. In general the onboarding takes place in our head office in Munich, so even if you will work in one of our international offices, you will get to spend one to three months in Munich to get to know the team and learn more about how we work.

13. What are the general requirements for an employee at Testbirds?

We are a dynamic start-up and we believe in a philosophy of open communication and daily commitment. Therefore, you should have a proactive personality and be a team player at heart. You should thrive in an open structure and also be able to stay calm even in a hectic environment. Learn more about our company here .

As hard skills we require an ongoing or finished university education and excellent English skills.

14. What is it like working for Testbirds?

It is definitely different from working for a big company. At Testbirds the start-up environment is clearly noticeable because of our pace, support and the flat hierarchies. We work in a dynamic and motivated manner. All our birds are flexible in undertaking their tasks. However, our employees quickly take responsibility and actively shape their responsibilities, whether they are here on permanent or internship positions. To see how a typical day at Testbirds looks like, take a closer look here.

Another distinction are the team events and activities: To begin with daily foosball and FIFA matches, then weekly breakfasts together and last but not least quarterly Birds Flyouts like visiting the Munich Octoberfest or workshops at beautiful Bavarian seas.

You can learn more about the benefits of working at Testbirds here . Additionally, you will have the chance to ask all of your open questions during the application process. Also don’t hesitate to contact our HR team.

15. What does Testbirds offer?

A lot! Besides the responsibility, the flat hierarchies and the team events (s. question 14), you can work with big brands, e.g. Audi, Allianz or B. Braun at Testbirds. Furthermore we want to evolve with you. As the company grows so will your responsibilities.. That is why we are promoting you by regular feedback talks and internal and individual trainings.

Besides, we are offering coffee, beverages and fresh fruits for free.

Find more information about our benefits here.

Questions for our founders

1. You attach importance to innovations regarding your services – does this reflect your corporate culture?

In our company, we follow some very modern organizational principles, which we summarize under the keyword “Orga 4.0”. Including e.g. that we are a “evolutionary company”: we constantly evolve strongly. That’s why it is not only allowed, but requested that all employees bring in their ideas und tell their opinions – also about topics, that don’t concern their department. Our employees develop e.g. new services on their own in a so-called “workstream”. For this, we assemble a team, in which a colleague of each department is represented – from development to marketing to project management.

Transparency is also among our values. In the so-called All Testbirds Meeting we exchange important information, like e.g. the sales figures.

Part of our company culture is also that we are an international company: The corporate language is English – also in Munich, because we have colleagues with twelve different nationalities. Further offices we have in London, Amsterdam, and Stockholm.

2. Why are your employees happy? What makes you a happy Bird?

We’re specifically doing a lot that our Birds are feeling good – and not only we founders are happy. The topic work life balance is very important for us: The core working hours are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Before and after, our Birds can organize their time freely. Also working from home is possible anytime.

In addition, we provide possibilities for personal development for our employees: regular in-house trainings, e.g. about the topic “How do you measure usability and user experience?”, as well as a yearly budget for external skill enhancement. Furthermore, our employees have the chance to do “office hopping” for some weeks, which means that they can fly to another Testbirds office and work from there. If one of our Birds has a wish that isn’t covered by our existing offer, he can anytime come forward with a new suggestion.

Our office is also a real feel-good nest. We provide a fruits and drinks flatrate. In a separate room which we call “lounge”, the Birds can make themselves comfortable on the sofa or can simply play foosball, table tennis or PlayStation. Many Birds like to play Fifa.

To make our workplace constantly more beautiful and more pleasant, there is a “wishlist”: everyone can suggest things and all Testbirds can give their vote. The only condition is that the purchase should benefit all colleagues. E.g. we bought docking stations to untangle the cable spaghetti on the desks.

Besides we are the opinion that fun at work shouldn’t miss out. That’s why we have many events. Team spirit is very important for us. Two times a year we leave our nests – the offices – for the so-called “Birds-Fly-Out”. This is a company excursion with workshops for all employees. Furthermore, we have a weekly breakfast, after-work beer, a regular movie night, a barbecue to Testbirds GmbH’s birthday, and we go to the Oktoberfest together. Successes we celebrate together, too – recently that we won the German innovation prize 2017.

Not least is individuality very important for us: we don’t have a dress code.

3. What does the perfect candidate look like for you?

We’re searching for people who produce new ideas, who want to move something and like to take responsibility. Applicants should be interested in mobile websites and apps and be convinced from Testbirds as a company and as an employer.
Moreover, we need team players because we like to “fly as a swarm”, that means we work closely – both in the individual departments, across the teams, and also internationally. We also appreciate professionalism, an interest in innovations and individuality. The candidate should also like loose structures and etiquette. To be on a first-name basis is naturally for us. And like in every international company, good English skills are very important.

Meet Christine and Stefanie, our recruiters

Reach to them by email or by phone:
Tel.: +49 89 856 3335 – 16

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