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A day in the life of a Testbird

What does a typical working day for our founders look like? What kind of tasks do crowd managers handle? What exactly does Testbirds’ project management team deal with on a daily basis? On this page you can gain insights into the efforts of our individual departments as well as a glimpse into what a typical Wednesday at Testbirds looks like from eight unique perspectives. In addition, you can learn more about our three founders, Philipp, Georg and Markus.

Philipp Benkler






07:00: “I check my e-mails while waiting for my flight to Amsterdam that departs in five minutes. I’ll be working from our office in Netherlands for the upcoming week.”

09:30: “I arrive at the office in Keizersgracht – what a view. I have a welcome coffee break with the entire Dutch team.”

10:00:  “Weekly Jour Fixe with the Dutch team. I usually join via Skype from Munich, but I definitely prefer to be onsite. We talk about latest developments, for example new leads or deals, the planning status for upcoming trade shows or the status of new projects.”

13:00: “For lunch we head to one of the team’s three favourite sandwich shops. On the rare occasion I can persuade them to have a warm lunch with me – a small detail that highlights our cultural differences.”

14:30: “Now it’s time for a personal employee feedback session. We call that a 1on1 at Testbirds, in this case it’s with a sales bird. We talk about their sales activities in greater detail than the Jour Fixe, ranging in topics such as what new contacts have been qualified, what meetings with clients are coming up, which offers have been sent out among much more. We also investigate tactics to better convince our diverse clients of our services.”

16:00: “All Testbirds Meeting – I am not in Munich but I join via video chat. With the help of our 360° cameras it almost feels as If I’m there.”

18:00: “We plan our expansion into a new country. The planning and preparation is extremely time consuming, therefore I like to work on this in the quieter evening hours.”

Georg Hansbauer

08:00: “Today doesn’t start out in Munich; instead I have a meeting at the office of one of our biggest clients, Audi. Together with a project manager we discuss their upcoming tests, what we need to test and which testing approach best matches their requirements.”

12:00: “A telephone meeting with a client who is interested in TestChameleon. The product is rather complex and explaining it usually takes quite long.”

13:00: “A short snack on the road for lunch, today there’s no time for more.”

14:00: “Back in the office I have a stand up meeting with the development team. Everyone shortly briefs each other about the status of their work so that we can better estimate whether we can keep up with our release plans.”

14:30: “A telephone interview with an applicant for our development team. This is always the first step of our application process and I want to know exactly what experiences somebody brings with them and whether he or she fits well in Testbirds.”

15:30: “An espresso is exactly what I need this and most afternoons. On the way back to my office I stop by to talk to some colleagues. It’s a quick way to discuss some of their questions and concerns.”

16:00: “All Testbirds Meeting – thanks to our 360°-Camera, our employees in Amsterdam, London and Stockholm can also take part.”

18:00: “Another phone interview, this time for a Sales & Key Account Manager position. Due to our expansion creating a higher demand of employees, several interviews a day are not a rare occurrence.”

19:00: “Finally some time for e-mails. One of our clients has a very specific inquiry that is not easily solved. Thanks to our flexible testing platform we should still be able to meet their requirements.”

Markus Steinhauser

08:30: “Testbirds breakfast – everyone who is interested is invited to join every Wednesday morning for breakfast and a nice conversation in our kitchen. Pretzels, coffee, orange juice and good company are a great way to start the day.”

10:00: “The sales team has new projects that I distribute to our project managers. It’s quite difficult to distribute projects equally and use all our managers to full capacity. A project that seems easy at the beginning can suddenly become a challenge because of very specific testing requirements and time restrictions. Therefore we try to define and consolidate those types of parameters as soon as possible.”

11:30: “Time for coffee. I spontaneously get challenged to a foosball match – of course I can’t say no to that.”

12:00: “Lunch will be combined with a feedback talk today. Together with an employee I head to a restaurant and we talk about her time at Testbirds so far.”

13:30: “A job interview, this time with an applicant for the open marketing position. Veronika is with me from the team and can give a first-hand description of how daily life in the marketing department looks like. Although, I have to admit, almost no two days are the same. At the end we discuss our impressions of the applicant and so far we are in complete agreement. When it comes to other topics, on the other hand, we tend to have longer discussions.”

16:00: “All Testbirds Meeting in our lounge. Today I present the results of our anonymous employee survey that takes place twice a year. We always gain interesting feedback from those.”

18:00: “Our crowd management team has created a new concept to motivate our crowd and asked me for feedback. Of course I am happy to do so.”

International Director






09:00: “We always start our day in Amsterdam with a “Daily Stand-up”. There we can keep our team up-to-date and discuss the task for today.”

09:30: “First coffee break – Philipp has arrived. It’s always nice when colleagues from the other countries are visiting.”

10:00: “Philipp and I have our weekly Jour Fixe, where we swap ideas. I tell him of talks with clients and which possible deals could be generated out of it. We also discuss, how the Amsterdam team is developing and how the strategic direction for the next weeks and months will look like.”

13:00: “Typically Dutch: Of course, we’re going with Philipp to one of our favourite sandwich places.”

14:30: “Together with our project manager I’m heading to a client. We have just closed a project for him and will now present the results. The client is regularly releasing new features in his app, that’s why we want to show him with further possibilities there are in working together with Testbirds.”

16:00: “Back in the office, the All Testbirds Meeting starts: Waving to Munich through Skype.”

17:00: “In Amsterdam, we also want to increase our team. For this reason, we’re regularly organizing recruiting events. This means that we’re inviting candidates to an after-work network session and tell them more about the Testbirds products and the Testbirds family. During a speed dating the applicants can get to know all team members. And of course, we took care of games and fun. There are snacks and after-work beers and also our PlayStation is gladly being used.”







09:30: “First: coffee. Or cappuccino. Or latte macchiato. Or shall I get an espresso?”

10:00: “I check tester emails – crowd management takes care of the wishes and concerns of our crowd. A forgotten password, problems with the nest platform, praises and criticisms – the crowd has a variety of needs. While doing this I like to stand at my standing desk as it helps me concentrate better in the morning.”

11:30: “Brainstorming with the team. Sometimes we have specific projects for which we have to recruit additional testers. The current challenge is how do we acquire testers that are over 60 years old? How can we grab the attention of testers that have a vegan lifestyle? In the end we always find effective recruitment methods.”

12:30: “Lunch. Together with two project managers I take a walk to our favourite pizza place. It’s just down the street.”

14:00: “Meeting with a sales bird. A client has a very specific testing requirement with a huge amount of different testers and I check whether we can manage this project with our current crowd or need to recruit additional testers.”

15:00: “I need a change of location. I take my laptop to the couch. Sometimes I get better ideas over there when it comes to supporting our testers and to the recruitment of specific tester segments.”

16:00: “All Testbirds Meeting. This is where the new crowd numbers are announced.”

18:30: “We meet in the lobby and head to the boulder hall with all birds that are available and interested.”








09:00: “I just come into the office and head straight for the telephone. I need to call one of my clients to arrange a meeting. Soon I will be on block week, which means that I will visit a few clients that live in the same region to talk to them about the upcoming test and how to realise it. I also use the opportunity to present some of our new services to them.”

09:30: “Cold calling session: using previously gathered contact data I try to get the right person on the phone, which is not always an easy task. It’s equally as hard to keep him on the phone and give him a short introduction on Testing 4.0 once I get a hold of him. Of course, the client’s daily work life is no different than mine. He has meetings and a lot on his plate, so there’s a shortage of time. Therefore, he only listens to the parts that are of certain interest to him.”

11:00: “Webcast – I explain our services to one of my clients, trying to convince them to work with Testbirds. Crowdtesting is easily explained, but the pros and cons of our different testing services and the various possible combinations take more time and require further investigation.”

12:30: “I head to the kitchen. A colleague of mine has prepared a meal for me. We switch from time to time; soon it will be my turn to cook.”

14:00: “After lunch I research important information about potential clients. I have to make a few phone calls to gather more information.”

15:30: “Meeting with two other sales birds – from tomorrow on we are attending a trade show in Berlin and are checking to see whether everything is correctly planned. We aim to have some great sales opportunities and meet many new contacts.”

16:00: “All Testbirds Meeting. When it comes to the new revenue numbers I listen very closely, because those are the numbers I directly influence.”

17:30: “Flight to Berlin – tomorrow’s trade show starts early.”

Project Management







10:00: “Home office. Today I will work from home. I had a doctor’s appointment and working from here I saves me time travelling to and from work.”

10:30: “Briefing call with a new client. We talk about their test in great detail. It’s important to me to advise the client in the best way possible to have an optimal test result that matches his expectations. At the beginning there is always one main question: What exactly does the client want to find out?”

11:30: “I design the test exactly the way the client and I previously discussed. To do so I use the form builder in our nest. What I find especially interesting is the wording of the test questions. A single misplaced adjective can greatly influence the test results.”

13:00: “A different test started just yesterday, so I now take some time to view the first test report. It’s interesting how some testers experience the product. Some of our testers had issues installing the app. I need to quickly help them with this issue and support them further.”

14:30: “Every test requires a final report. There was another test that ended yesterday, so today I can sum up the results in a final report. Tomorrow is the deadline when my client expects to receive the results.”

16:00: “All Testbirds Meeting, I join via Skype. As I am not in the office, I need to reach out to my own fruit basket at home today.”

18:30: “End of work and time to go bouldering! I meet the other birds at the boulder hall.”

Marketing & PR







09:15: “We have a new press release. I need to publish it quickly on many different channels. This is how we generate attention so that we can hopefully generate a few interesting contacts.”

11:00: “Phone call with a journalist. He wants to know more about Testbirds and write something about our three founders. I answer all questions that come up and arrange a date for an interview with Philipp.”

12:00: “The marketing team goes to Schwanthaler Höhe today. There’s a huge variety of lunch options there, and a quick walk never hurts.”

12:30: “Now I am writing a new post for our Testbirds blog. To better concentrate and let my creativity flow I change locations to the quiet room.”

13:30: “Job Interview. Together with Philipp I get to know the new applicant. We decide together whether the new applicant will be joining our nest as a new Testbird.”

16:00: “All Testbirds Meeting. It’s always good to sit together with all the birds, even though our offices are spread around Europe. We always get informed about the latest company numbers and have an opportunity to ask questions, for example, regarding new strategic developments.”

17:30: “I check my emails again because I am waiting for an offer regarding an upcoming trade show.”








08:30: “Testbirds Breakfast. I enjoy starting the day with pleasant conversation and pretzels.”

09:00: “Yesterday we programmed a new feature for the nest – we will integrate it now and test it extensively. The idea came from Crowd management and aims to make the usage of our platform more convenient for our testers.”

12:00: “Today I have an early lunch. Together with some colleagues we order Asian food.”

13:00: “After a FIFA match I’m ready to start the afternoon.”

13:30: “A meeting with two project managers and a crowd manager. We discuss which functions could be missing in our nest and how we can improve our platform.”

14:00: “Daily stand-up meeting: everyone in the development team gives a short overview on what he or she is working on right now and if everything is running according to plan. This is how we make sure we work together in the most productive manner possible.”

15:00: “Development introduction. For the next hour we explain to all new birds what exactly the Development department does and introduce our nest platform. We have these intros for every department; they are a fixed part of our onboarding process, which allows all new employees to get a good overview about all of the things that are happening at Testbirds.”

16:00: “All Testbirds Meeting. Among other things a new important function in the nest is being announced that we will develop in the upcoming weeks and integrate into our platform.”

17:30: “After work I go to an interesting developer conference sponsored by the budget for personal development that every bird is provided with. The topic is not only interesting for my work at Testbirds but also for me personally. I have an opportunity to improve my knowledge in this specific field.”

Human Resources







08:30: “First, I check my emails. Maybe new applicants have written, who have questions about one of our open job positions.”

09:00: “As of now, we will have a trainee program. With this program, we want to give university graduates the chance to get to know Testbirds in 18 months in all its facets and departments. For this I’m currently working on the elaboration of a concept and on the creation of a job advertisement.”

10:00: “HR Jour Fixe: We discuss open questions for this week und talk about new ways to get new Birds in our Nest. Which job portals do we want to use to present our open positions to the right target group? How can we make our employer brand more popular? On which job and university fairs do we want to be and represent Testbirds?”

12:15: “Onboarding lunch – today a new colleague has started. In order to welcome her properly, we’re going to a burger restaurant around the corner together. Everyone who feels like it and has time is welcome.”

13:30: “Now it’s time for the management of the applicants. This includes e.g. sifting of applications or inviting candidates to a first telephone interview or as a second step, to a job interview on-site. Especially exciting in doing so is that we also recruit for London, Amsterdam, and Stockholm.”

16:00: “All Testbirds Meeting: Let’s see what the founders will be reporting.”

17:00: “Now a telephone call with an interested candidate for the sales department is on the agenda. I have found his promising profile on LinkedIn and approached him right away. I asked him, if he’s keen on a new professional challenge. I will try to convince him with our products and our work attitude, like open communication and collaboration across departments.”

18:00: “Before I’m going home, I’m playing a match of table tennis with a few colleagues.”

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