Start an Exploratory Bug Test

15 testers. Any device. Scalable Test Case Management. Only £2,500. Find out more about the possibilities today.

Exploratory Bug Testing

Let your end users test your app, website or other software. They hunt for bugs and functionality issues while using your website. This gives you clear insights into how your application works on an end user’s device.

15 testers/users from our crowd


Any device type – Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, connected devices etc.


Fully managed and scalable test cases


Over 60 demographic criteria


Live tracking and bug export capabilities using  JIRA, Redmine and CSV


More than 250,000 registered testers worldwide

What We Test

We have extensive experience in setting up crowdtests. Websites, apps and games – our crowd testers test the functionality of all kinds of digital products.


Websites and Portals

Mobile apps

Internet of Things





Other applications

This is Testbirds

Testbirds is an award-winning software testing provider that specialises in taking your digital products from bad to good and good to great. Harness the collaborative force of 250k people located worldwide with access to over 500k devices and powerful cloud-based technology to ensure a high level of user-friendliness and functionality in your apps, websites or connected devices. Testing Reality – Real Users, Real Devices, Real Time.

What Our Clients Say

OTTO over crowdtesting

“By testing with end users, on the right devices and with our desired browser versions and operating systems, Testbirds helps our websites to stay and be more customer-friendly.”

Corny van de Wal
Team Manager Shop Development & Production

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Landal GreenParks does crowdtesting

“What I really like is that we can utilise people who do not have the same background as we do. You do have a sort of blind spot when you look at the website you are working on every day, especially in terms of testing. It helps to have a fresh view on it. ”

Remco Vink
Manager Functionality Management

Want to know more? Download the full case study

A selection of our clients and partners

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Start an Exploratory Bug Test

15 testers. Any device type. Scalable test case management. Only £2,500. Find out more about the possibilities today.

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