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UX/CX has always been important, but the past few months have brought forth a paradigm shift in the digital world, especially for retailers and etailers.

UX/CX is now crucial to check across all parts of the customer journey, meaning that the experience extends beyond the purchase and includes delivery & communication, packaging, unboxing, customer support, and more.

A coherent brand image is built by ensuring top-notch experiences not only with the product, but with all related touchpoints between the brand/product and the customer.

As this digital transformation proceeds, companies have changed their processes and approaches to accommodate the demand for “mobile first” development and a stellar user experience across all platforms. In this, it’s crucial to get fresh feedback on these changes from new users, but also to include existing customer groups that are familiar with the brand and brand image already.

In this webinar we discuss digital transformation in the world of retail, why the paradigm shift is essential and how to ensure that you offer your customers a good holistic experience:

– Current challenges in Retail
– Going through digital transformation
– How to improve your UX/CX
– How to increase your conversion rates
– How to deal with demand

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