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Testing IoT-products is always a challenge – especially when you need to combine short development-cycles for an app with a long-term product lifecycle for motorbikes. 

Together with BMW Motorrad, we will give you insights into this special project and all the challenges that came along with it. 

When? April 28th, 17:00 CEST
What? The challenges of testing IoT products from the automotive industry, with the example of connected motorbikes from BMW Motorrad


Challenge #1: How to develop an IoT-app for vehicles? 

Building digital IoT-apps that support vehicles like the BMW motorcycles comes along with many challenges. Most of the time, the motorbike rider is a real enthusiast and has a very special lifestyle which is shaped by his or her hobby. So, the app mustn’t limit his or her fun but should rather help to further enhance it. 

We will see that another challenge is to combine the quick iterations of app development with a long-term product like a motorbike. App distribution along with the different phases and touchpoints of the customer lifecycle becomes crucial here. 

Challenge #2: How to test the app in the real-world? 

You cannot test an Internet of Things app in the laboratory only. You have to send it out to the customers and see how it behaves under real-world conditions. 

Especially BMW Motorrad needed to make sure that the app interface works well for the riders. In the webinar, you’ll learn how Testbirds and BMW Motorrad made this happen using our End-to-End Testing approach. 

Challenge #3: How to find the right testers?

Finding the right testers for BMW Motorrad was a special challenge because only certain motorcycles supported the app that should be tested. Jan Bode, International Community & Crowd Manager at Testbirds will give you an insight into the tester recruiting and our special offer “Bring-Your-Own-CrowdTM”. 

The Hosts

Fabian Goldstein, Senior Account Manager Automotive, Testbirds

Digitization presents companies from all industries with major challenges. Designing digital products such as apps and websites that deliver real added value to end customers is crucial. Crowdtesting can help you understand the expectations of the target group and secure functionalities.

Fabian Goldstein will use the example of the automotive industry to provide insights into how Crowdtesting can be used professionally and show how real end products such as vehicles can be included in testing.


Jan Bode, International Community & Crowd Manager, Testbirds

jan bode testbirdsCrowdtesting is not only quality assurance or obtaining UX feedback – it also allows users to become a part of product development. In the case of BMW Motorrad, our testers are not only BMW customers, but fans. And although they are by no means digital natives, they test the BMW products that are close to their hearts with joy, diligence, and care.

Jan has been a member of the community team at Testbirds for two years and is responsible for building up a test crowd for BMW cars and motorcycles and knows how to turn 250 motorcyclists into professional testers.


Jann Kirchhoff, Product Owner of ConnectedRide Apps & Digital Services, BMW Group
Jann Kirchhoff BMW Motorrad

As Product Success Manager at BMW Motorrad, Jann Kirchhoff represents the voice of the user community in the development process for digital products. In addition to support for the BMW Motorrad Connected App, he is also responsible for Crowdtesting and managing feedback from the app stores.


Do you want to learn more about our test with BMW Motorrad? Then download the Case Study “End-to-End Testing of BMW Motorrad‘s Connected App“. 

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