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For our next webinar, we’ve joined forces with our partner Qualitest to give you insights on how to attract and retain users by testing and optimizing the gaming experience. 

When? June 25, 2020, 17:00 CEST

Discussion Forum on the Challenges of Game Testing

Join our conversation about how the gaming industry has changed over the last years and why this means you’ll need real users (as well as automation) for a proper and successful test setup.
Gaming is no longer restricted to the moment people are playing your game. The industry has evolved and gamers continue to be gamers even outside the actual game. They watch video content from pros and amateurs, they exchange experiences in forums or on social media, and they discuss with other players on different channels. 

Their experience has multiple touchpoints and so, the requirements of your target group have shifted. 

We want to give you insights into how local circumstances affect the players’ experience, how you optimise this user experience (UX) by recognizing the human factor and its potential benefits. We will show you how you can engage even more players when you know more about their needs and wishes. And surely, we also want to introduce you to Crowdtesting and how you can combine it with your existing test automation and beta groups to get even better test results

Who Are We? 

Well, I guess you know Testbirds already, but in case you forgot: with the motto ‘Testing Reality – Real users. Real devices. Real impact.’, we help clients create digital products that people really love. Our Crowdtesting services offer a high-quality testing experience adaptable to the individual needs of clients with a focus on the quality assurance and usability of digital products. 

Our partner Qualitest is the world’s largest independent, pure-play quality assurance company. They enable every client and every brand to navigate an ever-changing world by delivering smarter quality assurance and testing solutions to meet their precise technology needs – mitigated of risk, exceptional to use, and ready to perform. Quality assurance is at the core of their business and everything that they do. 

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