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“I Want to Improve Software” – Why Birds Test

Feb 7, 2014 | Crowdtesting

Every day, thousands of birds play in our nest and thoroughly test apps and websites. But what motivates them to find bugs and give usability feedback in their spare time? Here are the answers of three experienced Testbirds.


Lukas a.k.a. TestIt

I became a Testbird because…

To me, every user is a beta-tester. Companies are increasingly launching semi-finished software early in the development process in order to let users interact with a bugged system.


I want to improve software. That’s why I add additional suggestions for improvements. Moreover, I think it’s important to improve end users’ satisfaction rate to avoid waves of bad online reviews.


Holger Kösling

I became a Testbird because…

It’s a good opportunity to improve your analytical skills.


I think it’s fun to participate in the improvement process of websites and apps.


Some extra pocket money is always welcome.


Zlatina a.k.a. Z_cheva

I became a Testbird because…

I think it’s fun to help others by giving constructive feedback and suggestions for usability improvements.


I think it is important that websites and apps are thoroughly checked for bugs and other weaknesses.


I know from my experience as an IT-specialist that it’s better to let outsiders test. In German there is a saying: ‘vier Augen sehen mehr als zwei, meaning that four eyes see more than two.


No website or app user likes it when bugs or usability-problems surface.


What is your motivation for becoming a Testbird?

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