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Crowdtesting. Exciting in principle, exciting in practice. But is it simple to master? We’re here to put the record straight that testing with us is never a chore, and definitely always a pleasure. With these simple top 10 tips you’ll be de-bugging like a super tester in no time.
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1. Update your testing profile: Just got a new IPhone or installed another Android Update? Make sure your profile is always up to date with your device, software and any personal changes which can change your test group. We don’t mind if you’ve changed your hairstyle, but we do like to know if you’re changing location or career.

2. Become a Bug Catcher. You open up a new app and immediately know which areas to search for Bugs. You’ve seen them all and know where the typical errors hide. Use this power to get the job done!

3. Endurance & Stamina: You’ve already found 20 Bugs and the list of Bugs submitted by others is several pages long. But you don’t give up! Try to find every single Bug in this software, not just because you’ll get paid for every single one of them, but because you want to save humanity from these Bugs. No one should ever have to see them again.

4. Take your Time and Test: To persevere is the ability to carry on and test when the going gets tough. Those that have patience during a test will excel at becoming an awesome tester. Have a cuppa and refresh, then destroy all Bugs!

5. Use the Wisdom of others: If you have a question- ask! The project management team will be there to support you, and are quite friendly really.

6. You are a Screenshot Machine: Know how important it is to document your bugs and usability issues so that the project manager can retrace your steps. One step for you, one leap for Bug illuminators!

7. Reliability is your Last Name: You are fully committed to what you’ve signed up for and communicate openly if anything keeps you from testing.

8. You’re a Feedback Guru: You disagree with the colour on the website not because it’s your least favourite, but because it makes the text hard to read. You explain your positive and negative Feedback.

9. Believe in Yourself: You were chosen for a reason so be yourself and not anybody else.

10. Enjoy it: To excel in the field of crowdtesting, you need to enjoy it. Immerse yourself in all things Usability and strive to learn more.

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