Over the years, Testbirds has been growing at an astounding pace thanks to a team of highly dedicated individuals, a community that has been nothing but a pleasure to work with and astounding opportunities with some of the best clients in the world. Testbirds’ growth can be measured in a number of ways, but today we look at our tester numbers and can gladly say that we have reached a major milestone: 100,000 testers!

To mark this momentous occasion, we thought to take a trip down memory lane and see how Testbirds has fared over the last three years. To begin with, our amount of employees has doubled from 30 enthusiastic birds in a thriving Munich nest, to over 60 equally enthusiastic employees all around Europe!

With our plans for foreign expansion having been extremely successful, we have been able to migrate and build new nests in lucrative locations such as London, Stockholm and Amsterdam. In addition, we now have a thriving franchise in Hungary as well as sales partners in key locations around the globe. However, the backbone of Testbirds is and always has been our invaluable and truly superb testers. Now, after three challenging but unforgettable years, we can happily say that Testbirds has reached an impressive 100,000 testers. The whole idea behind crowdtesting requires, well, testers who make up a crowd. Having started from scratch, we managed by the end of 2012 to acquire 2,000 testers to our platform. By mid-2014 we had already reached nearly 20,000 testers and from there on we built our way up to where we are today – an astounding 100,000 testers. Still, having grown from humble beginnings, we used to track (and become excited about) the new daily testers acquired back in 2012 in an equally modest manner:

Today, we’re perhaps even more excited when it comes to our tester numbers as our team in crowd management works day and night to acquire new testers, and their efforts undoubtedly show with us receiving on average 150 signups a day! In addition, Testbirds always works to keep our tester information relevant, therefore we continually clear inactive accounts from our platform as appropriate. Apart from acquiring new testers though, we have been working hard to build a safe, lucrative and comfortable working environment for all our testers as well as clients by creating a crowdsourcing Code of Conduct. Currently, this self-imposed set of guidelines has been signed by clickworker and Streetspotr as well as approved by the Crowdsourcing Association. As time and regulations begin to shape the crowdsourcing industry we hope to update the code and encourage more and more companies to join the initiative.

Testbirds now has testers in 151 different countries, which means that a staggering 77% of the world is represented on our platform. One of the many aspects that shows the immense strength of crowdtesting, is its device diversity. Today, we have over 250,000 different devices represented on our platform! That’s right, on average there are 2.5 devices per person with the iPhone 4S being the most popular device among our crowd.

Finally, we at Testbirds have had an amazing, unforgettable three years with all our testers and the great working environment we have together been able to forge has surpassed all of our expectations. In the future we hope to not only keep growing at the remarkable rate we have been thus far, but also to ensure that our future working environment is one that we never lose touch with all the remarkable people who frequent our nest. Thank you from all of us at Testbirds and here’s to an amazing future!

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