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After our successful partner agreement with the BMW Group for digital application testing, I’m happy to announce another step. I will have the honour of speaking at MAGNA’s Telemotive Software Solutions Symposium 2019 in Ingolstadt.

The event is focused on the continuously growing importance of digital services in the automotive sector, and especially on the developments in automation, e-mobility, connected driving experiences, and extended reality, among others.

Optimal Driving Experiences with the Help of Crowdtesting
I will focus on one of the most trending topics in the automotive sector – connected cars! Besides e-cars and autonomous driving, this is probably one of the biggest trends in the automotive industry these days. Connection means there needs to be a relationship between two things, in this case between the analogue world and the digital. However, with relationships problems are often bound to occur. This is where we, as a company, come into the picture. With the help of our over 400,000 skilled crowdtesters located in 193 countries, we provide custom-made testing solutions that ensure flawless user experiences for all kinds of digital products, and increasingly, this includes IoT applications that connect the real world with the digital.

Our Experiences with End-to-End Testing of the BMW Motorrad App
One of our latest projects in this field was an end-to-end-test with the connected app of BMW Motorrad. The tests were run regularly under real-world conditions with a very specific group of testers from the crowd: only motorbike riders who own a motorcycle with a particular head unit could participate.
How we tackled the challenge of tester recruitment and how we secured a seamless delivery of test results, through a direct interface within JIRA, are only two details I will talk about at Software Solutions Symposium.
Crowdtesting connected cars has immense benefits as it is a customer-centric approach for achieving a state of flawless connection between the car and the digital network. It is therefore a key success factor to effectively meet and anticipate customer needs.

If you’re interested in the topic, want to dive deeper into exciting lectures and talks, and want to meet experts from not only automotive, but all connected industries – register now for your spot:

Telemotive Software Solutions Symposium
When: 10 October 2019, 12:00 – 22:00
Where: Magna Telemotive, Bunsenstrasse 5, 85053 Ingolstadt

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