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All around the world, the New Year was welcomed with spectacular fireworks. Testbirds, however, welcomed 2014 with a big bang.

What is a Bird without a Tree to Nest In?

We kick-started 2014 by moving our office ‘nest’ from Guerickestraße to Radlkoferstraße, making it Testbirds’ third office in Munich. Over the course of three weeks, Testbirds has built its office ‘nest’ under the lead of dedicated Decoration Managers, Mariana and Martina, and the Kitchen Supply Manager, Frank. As a result, Testbirds’ office has become an inviting and creative working space.

Lounge 4For example, the international team joined together one evening to paint their own ‘Testbird’ on the office wall.  Despite our efforts, we also managed to draw a slightly disproportionate world map, where Iceland grew the size of Spain. As we speak, the other departments are coming up with even more creative ideas!

Painting the Office

We also welcomed three new employees beginning of January: Raphaela from Munich who joined the Project Management team. The International Team also grew by two, welcoming Wesley from New York and Andrea from Iceland (hence the disproportionate size of Iceland on the world map).

Painting the Office2

At the same time, one of Testbirds’ first employees, Matteo, left the nest after three years as a working student. Matteo was involved in almost every aspect of Testbirds, from Customer Relationship Management to Sales and Project Management. Although the bird has left the nest, he will always be part of us. We hope he enjoyed his experience at Testbirds and left the nest a little wiser!

As the first month of the year is approaching its end, the Testbirds team is working on exciting projects and ideas for the upcoming months. We are all excited for what 2014 will bring and we hope you are, too.

What’s next? Visit us at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 24th– 27th of February.

That’s it from the birds…for now

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