Ever fancied a trip to Scandinavia? Stockholm, a popular tourist destination for those looking to discover northern Europe, has a bustling big city feel, mixed with an authentic old town and an absolutely beautiful seaside. But how can you get the most out of your holiday in the Swedish capital? In this edition of Testbirds Holiday Apps, where our international employees present must-have apps for travelling their respective countries, Sahil Deva lets you know how your mobile phone can help you get around and experience Stockholm to its fullest.

I might be a part of the UK office and currently living in London, but Sweden is the closest I’ve ever known to home. Stockholm, the capital city, is an absolute must for those visiting Sweden for the first time. For tourists and locals alike, Gamla Stan (Old Town) provides a unique glimpse into life in the 1200s, full of must-see attractions, cafés, restaurants and shops. While there, make sure to enjoy a strong cup of mead just as the Vikings would – without inhibitions. The oldest open-air museum in the world, Skansen, which is collocated with Stockholm Zoo, is perfect for families looking to explore what Sweden was like and of course, the many dangerous animals (watch out for the moose!) you might encounter. While in Stockholm, don’t forget to take part in the time honoured tradition of fika (pretty much a mandatory coffee break) with kanelbullar (cinnamon buns) and a cup of coffee or tea. A day trip to Stockholm’s archipelago, full of 30,000 islands for you to explore and restaurants serving locally sourced produce and fish will show you a seaside like you’ve never seen before. Today, in the hopes to make your trip to Stockholm even better, I’ll be giving you four of the best apps for your holiday in the Swedish capital:

STHLM Traveling – SL Planner

Perhaps you’re wondering exactly how you can easily take the metro from the old town to the royal palace, a bus from there to the harbor and then a ferry to one of the islands. Worry not, the STHLM Traveling app allows you to easily navigate Stockholm’s public transportation systems with a real time trip planner. It also gives you updates on traffic, allows you to buy SMS tickets and is available in multiple languages. Travel Stockholm like one of the locals with this easy to use app.

Download it on iTunes and on Google Play

Taxi Stockholm

After a few cups of mead or a night out in Stureplan, the high end area of Stockholm full of posh clubs, the hassle of switching trains or busses might be the last thing you want to deal with. This app let’s you easily torture your wallet even further by calling one of our extremely overpriced taxis back to your hotel… as long as you manage to remember your address.

Download it on iTunes and on Google Play


Streetkäk (which translates to street food) is an app that allows you to locate street food trucks in real time as they move around the city. You can see where the food trucks are in real time, find their locations and opening hours for the coming days. It also lets you see their latest offers, check menus and prices and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Whether you had a long, tiring day walking around the Zoo, are tired of the many gourmet restaurants or are looking for a quick bite to end your night, Streetkäk will make sure your hunger is satisfied.

Download it on iTunes and on Google Play

Upptäck Stockholm

This app that literally means “Discover Stockholm” will let you discover the city’s prime locations, with over 1,500 options to choose from. It will take you to the beautiful nature reserves, show you hiking trails, let you discover landmarks and much more. In addition, it uses Google Transit’s travel planner that lets you use public transportation to get from one point of interest to the other.

Download it on iTunes and on Google Play

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