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Testbirds Holiday Apps: Amsterdam

by | Aug 7, 2015 | App recommendation | 0 comments

Are you ready for a holiday? In our new series Testbirds Holiday Apps our employees from all over the world present the must-have mobile apps that you shouldn’t miss when travelling throughout their country. This week, André shares his favourite apps for the city that’s commonly known for AFC Ajax, canals and bicycles everywhere you look. You’ve guessed it, we’re going to Amsterdam! Give it up for André from the Benelux-office.

André WilderdijkAlthough I have never lived in Amsterdam, I think that, due to work, I have spent more time there than in my current home town Hilversum. The Dutch Testbirds-office is located at the Keizersgracht in the middle of this lively city. Especially in summer, Amsterdam is a fun place to be. Check the Museum Square, walk over a few of the 1200 bridges (!), or rent a bike and mingle between the other nearly million bikes. Amsterdam is famous for its canals, Amsterdammertjes (the little poles with the three crosses that should separate cars and bikers from pedestrians, but do more harm than good; once there were), Anne Frank and museums. For this blog, I’d like to present you two apps that can make your stay even better.

Museum App

Museum App

When checking the Museum Square, a visit to one of the world’s most famous museums is a must. You can visit the Van Gogh or the Stedelijk Museum for example. But the app will also guide you to all the other Amsterdam museums, big and small. One of my personal favourites is the Scheepvaartmuseum. The interactive city guide has a lot of fun stories and facts and is fun to use. So, for those into culture, this is the app to have.

Download: Google Play



As in all countries, it is good to know the weather forecast in Amsterdam also. But especially in The Netherlands, it is nice to have someone or something that can help you decide to plan a visit either to the Noordermarkt or the Van Gogh museum. The Buienradar app is the perfect app to use when you are in doubt. It predicts where the rain will fall the next few minutes, hours and even days. I use it a lot!

Download: App Store | Google Play | Windows Phone

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Testbirds Holiday Apps: Amsterdam

Are you ready for a holiday? In our new series Testbirds Holiday Apps our employees from all over the world present the must-have mobile apps that...

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