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It’s time for another story from one of our testers. Meet Snowflake81, one of our female testers from Germany who has been among the Top 100 in terms of Experience Points for a long time. This is her story.


Hi, my name is Ada. I got ill many years ago and that means that I need to work from home. After I had finished school, I couldn’t start vocational training or do a job due to health issues. I found out about Testbirds through a friend and passed my entry test in August 2012. I decided to become a Testbird because it allows me to work from home and gives me a “job” that I can do despite my illness. I can decide flexibly if and when I want to test and the deadlines are long enough, so there’s no pressure. Moreover, it’s interesting to be able to test websites and apps before they go public.

What I especially liked so far was testing two unreleased messenger apps, where one of the tasks was to chat with other testers, because we had to work together.

If anyone is wondering how I got so many Experience Points (editor’s note: currently 4765 Points): It’s because I applied for every test I was invited to (except those in English language, which I usually don’t sign up for). On top of that, I spend a good amount of time on every test, no matter how much it pays. Since I’m very flexible when it comes to time, I start working on every test as soon as it begins. That means I’m often the first to find a Bug and therefore get a lot of points that way. In my test reports I explain in detail how I proceeded and I document it with a lot of screenshots.

Crowdtesting was totally new for me and even after more than two years I don’t always understand everything. But when I have a question I can always ask a Birdmaster or do some research on my own. When Testbirds told me that I’m their most experienced female tester, I was surprised as well as delighted. I just want to say that even bug tests about typical male domains (like football) are no problem for me. I hope Testbirds will continue to successfully test apps and websites, because even though my personal situation may change, I’m motivated to carry on and remain among the Top 5.

Thank you, Ada, for this lovely guest post! We wish you all the best and hope to see you in an upcoming test.

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