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Meet Testbirds @ Test Automation Day 2019 in Utrecht

by | Jun 5, 2019 | Events, Test Automation, Device Cloud | 0 comments

We’re excited to announce our participation in another upcoming event, Test Automation Day, which takes place on the 19th and 20th June, 2019. We´re also very excited to share our thoughts and experiences about “Test Automation in a Continuous World”, the event’s theme this year.

You’re invited to stop by our booth and as well listen to Felix Kuperjans, Technical Lead Device Cloud at Testbirds, and Louis Stark, Software Engineer at Raiffeisen Test Service Department, who will hold a lecture about installing a test automation infrastructure at a bank.

What: Test Automation Day 2019
When: 19th & 20th of June
Where: Media Plaza – Polar Area, Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Interested in Testbirds? Schedule a meeting with us, now!

Theme of Test Automation Day 2019

This year, the event is “Test Automation in a Continuous World”. Below, you can find some words from the event’s organizers:

“In a world where everything needs to be continuous, has Test Automation also evolved into a continuous process: delivering software, testing, learning, creating value, etc.? How do you adjust to a continuous world? How do you keep up and deal with continual change relative to Test Automation? Or do you think that “continuous” is nothing more than hype to put extra pressure on everything we do?
We would like you to send in your thoughts, experiences (failures and successes) and the challenges you are facing, for the Test Automation Days 2019. We are interested in submissions related to our theme, but also any other presentations about test automation.”

To learn more, visit the Test Automation Day Website.

The targeted audience for this event is, amongst others, CIOs, CTOs, Analysts, Developers, and Test managers, as well as Consultants, Software suppliers and Project managers.

The first day focuses on learning by doing, and when they say focus, they mean it. There will be a master class scheduled for the whole day, offering the chance for test automation engineers of all experience levels to gain and share knowledge.
The second day will be filled with talks and presentations, including another 90-minute master class. One of these presentations will be held by one of our employees, Felix, together with Louis from Raiffeisen Bank.

What will Felix and Louis talk about?

felix and louis
Felix Kuperjans, Technical Lead Device Cloud at Testbirds, and Louis Stark, Software Engineer at Raiffeisen Test Service Department, will talk about the installation of a test automation infrastructure at a Swiss bank. With Raiffeisen being a bank, there comes a natural need for highest security standards. With Testbirds’ Device Cloud On-Premises solution, these standards could be kept as no data leaves the bank at any time. If you are interested in learning more about how installing this On-premises solution might look, read our blog article Behind the scenes: On-Premises Device Cloud Installation
Felix and Louis will talk about the Raiffeisen test infrastructure, sketch the set-up of the entire test automation project, and discuss the challenges both companies have faced.
Be sure to be there! The lecture will be on June 20th at 14:50 in Room Spark and is also suitable for beginners, so don’t be shy and join Felix and Louis!

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