Developing mobile applications is challenging. Different platforms, a myriad of devices and a wide range of user behavior are some important factors that have to be taken into consideration. Therefore, best practices help to share knowledge and establish common ground for mobile app development. The Smarter apps guidelines initiative by GSMA is a great example of developers sharing their insights and Testbirds is proud to support this!
SAG Website
The website contains useful information and specific guidelines for developers working on native mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone, with a section for mobile web platforms such as Firefox and Tizen. It also allows developers to log in, provide comments on each section of the guidelines and submit blog posts. There is a particular emphasis on battery life impact, mobile network capabilities and bandwidth awareness.

And the best part: The content is available free of charge! We invite you to check it out, use it as a resource and share your own knowledge, too!

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