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Research & Results 2019: Market Research – and then?

by | Oct 10, 2019 | News & Infos, Events | 0 comments

If you haven’t heard of Research & Results, you’re way out of the loop! This trade show is definitely the hottest event of the year, on par with the Nobel Prize, the Rugby World Cup, and Oktoberfest. Everybody who is somebody will be there.

All jokes aside, Research & Results is the world’s leading trade show for market research and insights, and if you want to stay up-to-date you should consider a visit. 3,300 visitors will be roaming the MOC Conference Center in Munich on October 23-24, checking out booths, attending workshops, and getting to know the exhibitors (like us).

Snap Back to Agility, Oh Here Comes Clarity

The themes at this year’s event are Artificial Intelligence and Agile Research. By now, most people know – more or less – what artificial intelligence is. A.I. in the area of market research is, in simple terms, using the smart power of a computer to analyse and optimise data collection, much quicker than a human would be able to. But, what is Agile Research?

Agile is another one of those buzzwords that have been floating around for quite a long time, especially in the tech sector (you might have heard it from your development team). To be brief, agile processes are iterative and incremental – you minimise up-front planning by breaking projects down into smaller parts that are easier to manage. With these smaller parts it’s also easier to make changes on-the-fly to accommodate new information or requirements.

So, applying this to market research means that instead of taking on one massive research project, you break it down into smaller pieces. This allows you to gather insights faster and make use of these insights in your further research, optimising for better results with higher validity. You’ll also become more efficient as you’ll notice early on which parts of your research are getting the results you want, and which research methods need work or can be scrapped.

Putting Market Research to the Test

In the Innovation Area at Research & Results 2019, we’ll be talking about what happens after you’ve done your market research. Doing market research is only one step in optimising your digital product or service – after you’ve gathered your insights and implemented what you’ve learned, how do you make sure that you’ve made the right choices? Well, you could take your chances and release your product, hoping for the best. But why would you do that when you’ve already put in so much groundwork for a solid product?

The obvious and easy choice here is to run some tests. Using remote testing you can ask real users from our Crowd about your product and what their thoughts are on the user experience. With a quick turn-around, the feedback can be utilised to further improve your product before you release it, avoiding potential pitfalls.

Our presentation – “Market Research – and then? Remote Testing to Determine Digital Market Readiness” – will take place at 2.40pm on October 23 in the Innovation Area in Hall 2.

If you want to hear more about validating your research through testing and the latest news on market research, join us at Research & Results 2019. We’ll be at booth 288 in Hall 2, so book a meeting and get the chance to win a Sonos One smart speaker!

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