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Recap | Magna Telemotive Software Solutions Symposium

Oct 18, 2019 | Founder's Views, News & Infos, Crowdtesting, Events

Small but excellent (and with a pretty long name) – that is how I would describe the Magna Telemotive Software Solutions Symposium that we attended on October 10th.

Besides being CTO and a Founder of Testbirds, I’m also a huge car enthusiast. So for me, the topic of the Symposium was not only work-related but also of personal interest to me. Digitalisation and technologies are advancing fast these days and the car industry has to adapt and drive change more than ever before. New products, connected apps, improving the driving experience, and making driving as comfortable and fun as possible are only a few of the challenges.

When developing super cool, enhanced technology for cars, you really want to make sure that it works flawlessly and provides the perfect experience – this is where Testbirds comes in.
I had the honour of showing the interested audience how we manage exactly this for our customers.

Crowdtesting for the Car Industry: Examples, Examples, Examples

I don’t want to repeat my entire presentation here – but I do want to give you an insight into the typical challenges our clients (not only, but especially in the car industry) have to face, how our solution helps them, and how they benefit from Crowdtesting in the end.

Typical Challenges

The most obvious challenge for OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is securing the functionality of their software and this applies to essentially everyone, not only the car industry. For example, when you’re developing software that updates the maps in GPS systems, it is quite essential that it’s bugfree so the GPS doesn’t guide someone to the middle of nowhere.

Additionally, you most likely have a large amount of updates per year plus a bunch of edge cases like different connections or different countries.
Another challenge might be in the release: imagine you have to release your product in 90 markets in 20 different languages – at the same time. Additionally, you have to take care of a complex backend environment which differs between the markets. You might think “Good luck with that…”, but with our help you won’t need any luck 😉

One client had the issue that they had to find out how good the data of different content providers was in various international markets. Could you check if a Chinese text is spelled correctly? I couldn’t 🙂

The Testbirds Solution

The answer to all those challenges? Crowdtesting!

To tackle the large amount of updates and make sure the software runs flawlessly on many different devices, we use the power of our Crowd. Our testers have more than 900,000 devices at their fingertips to make sure the software runs on every device, browser, and operating system.

We also have 400,000 testers all over the world who cover all relevant combinations of country and language. Another advantage of our services is the central reporting of defects and the coordination of all testers (in one case we had up to 60 testers working on a test). Our central management means that the client has one contact person at Testbirds and doesn’t have to manage tests or testers.

Benefits for Our Clients

With Testbirds, clients can secure the functionality of their products and monitor it continuously. Furthermore, you have the chance to retest the issues manually. This works in a large variety of markets and countries so that you get a significant improvement in the localisation of your digital product.

Our most well-known client in the car industry is BMW Motorrad – yes, motorbikes are part of the car industry. They continuously test their connected app with us, if you want to know more, you should read our blog article and our case study.

I’m more than happy that my presentation turned into an interesting discussion with a lot of questions – this shows the big interest in the topic. For Testbirds and also for me personally, it was a great event and we’re happy that we had the opportunity to join. I’m already looking forward to the next one 🙂

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Georg Hansbauer

Georg Hansbauer

CTO & Founder Testbirds

Over the weekend Georg can be seen cruising in his car throughout Europe. As one of the 3 founders of Testbirds he is responsible for all finance and development related topics.
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