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Pre-App Store Rating – What, How and Why?

by | Sep 16, 2016 | News & Infos, Testing Reality, Trends in Software Testing | 0 comments

When developing an app it’s often difficult for a developer to truly understand how and what end users want and require to have a great experience. Crowdsourced testing (crowdtesting) is an innovative method of testing that uses a remotely based community of people with varying backgrounds, skill levels and interests to test digital products such as websites, applications, connected devices, etc. Testbirds now offers an innovative solution for app developers looking to take the Android and iOS worlds by storm:

The Pre-App Store Rating Testing Solution

So how does it work?

Today’s app stores (Apple’s App Store and Google Play) are constantly flooded with new and exciting apps that are often in direct competition with one another. It’s a cutthroat market and for today’s app developers, a positive or negative review can be the difference between success and failure. However, imagine if you were able to receive a rating prior to releasing your app to the public by your own target group? Testbirds’ Pre-App Store Rating offers just this by utilising the astounding power of crowdsourcing.

Using a pool of more than 150,000 testers, each with individual backgrounds, we are able to pinpoint the exact target group of your soon to be launched Android or iOS app to explore it and provide a star-based rating including a comment that simulates what happens in the app stores. This means that, say you’re creating an app that tracks the NBA season, who better to test it and provide a predictive rating than NBA enthusiasts and basketball players? And with access to over 380,000 devices, our crowd can address today’s issues of platform fragmentation by testing over multiple device, OS and software combinations.

If opting for our Managed Service, our expert project managers will be there to walk you through the entire process and analyse the results so that you can turn the invaluable feedback of your target group into real fixes ensuring a high rating upon release. Our Self-Service option on the other hand gives you full access to our testing platform and lets you carry out the testing process and analysis on your own. Alternatively, our Self-Service Plus option lets you choose the degree of support you need from Testbirds. Flexibility is key and with a crowd that never sleeps, we’ll be able to provide you with a predictive app store rating before your app hits the market and at any time that suits you.

Are you interested in learning more about Testbirds’ Pre-App Store Rating? Make sure to read all about it here.

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