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During the release of our automated software testing service, TestChameleon, we offered testers a chance to win a TestChameleon T-shirt. Meet our contest winner Bugdetector and how she reached her goal of becoming one of the Top Ten Testers.


Tell us about yourself – Where are you from? What do you do?
My name is Corinna, I am 29 years old. My husband and I live in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Why did you decide to become a tester?
I am really interested online marketing and topics like usability and conversion optimization. It is very interesting to investigate how changing certain aspects of websites and apps can increase the conversion rate and ensure that users will return to the website. During my studies at university I also engaged in testing methods and one day I did some research on testing and its impact on developing websites and apps. While searching online, I found Testbirds. I was immediately interested in the concept of crowdtesting, so I registered as a tester. I am still very impressed about how Testbirds manages to maintain the idea of the “Nest”, using for example terms like “Birds”, the “Bird School” and “Lead Birds”.

What hobbies do you have outside of testing?
Besides testing I love to share my leisure time with my moms’ dogs outside; two very cute and stubborn African Basenjis. Additionally, I try hard to improve my foosball skills, when I am not watching drama TV series and DVDs on weekends in our “Nest”, which I indeed already used as synonym for our flat before I knew Testbirds (Editor’s note: The “Nest” is the name of the platform testers use at Testbirds).

What do you like about being a tester so far?
I never imagined I’d become so dedicated to software testing. I guess there is more than one reason: The always friendly and helpful communication with the Birdmasters, the very interesting and different types of tests, the combination of earning experience points and the possibility to earn special rewards, the opportunity to contribute to the optimization of different apps and websites, and the chance to become a Top Tester – if you work precisely and are engaged. The combination of these aspects motivated me so far that I already achieved my goal of becoming one of the Top Ten Birds. I am so happy I made it this far and I am looking forward to flying into the Top Three Birds.

What is your favorite type of test and why?
In fact I really like every test type, but if I had to choose, it would be Bugtests. They are my favorite because I am very persistent in searching for even the smallest bugs. Finding the most hidden bugs is kind of a personal challenge for me.

Is there anything you’ve wanted to ask since you’ve started testing with us?
I wonder what it’s like to work as a Project Manager at Testbirds. I have an idea about a usual working day, but I think there are some really interesting aspects.

Some insights from our Project Manager Simon:
Hey Corinna, thanks for asking about what Testbirds Project Managers do in day-to-day operations. Let me give you just a short insight: Mo
Whenever one of our clients wants to improve the usability and quality of their app/website/software they approach us and tell us what they want to find out specifically. We then conceive the test based on these requirements, meaning we design use cases and questions that the crowd – including you – will answer.
As soon as the test begins, we make sure that it runs smoothly: we answers all your questions, deal with technical difficulties and make sure that the feedback you give us makes sense. (For example, part of this is reviewing and approving the reports and bugs you submit.)
After you have finished testing, we consolidate the results of all participants, evaluate your feedback and then present these results to our client. We then discuss how the app/website/software can be improved based on the suggestions you and other members of the crowd made.
Overall, it is a very diversified and exciting job as the products we test are very different from one another.

And, what is this amazing T-shirt that you’re wearing in your picture? What is the story behind it and what do you know about TestChameleon, the new Testbirds service?
On the Testbirds Facebook page there was a post about the chance to win a TestChameleon T-shirt by finding the hidden Easter egg on I participated and in the end was the lucky winner of this amazing T-shirt. Only a few days later I received the prize and started testing its fit and “usability”. I can confirm that it fits very well. In Testbirds manner, the Chameleon looks as charming as the Bird logo – another animal whose design succeeds in catching surely not just my attention.

Thanks for sharing your story with us and we hope we could answer your question. We’re glad you liked your prize! To learn more about TestChameleon click here.


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