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For this month’s tester story, we have invited Alexis from Belgium to share his Testbirds experience. He is one of the most experienced testers in Belgium and was chosen as our Bird of the Month in the Best Bug Finder category this May. We asked him to introduce himself and tell us how he landed in the Testbirds Nest.

Testbird Alexis

Hi! My name is Alexis. I’m a 21 year old Belgian student at the University of Ghent where I’m currently finishing my master’s degree in clinical psychology. Throughout my entire life, especially since high school, I’ve always been intrigued by human behavior. Understanding why people behave the way they do is a fascinating area of study for me. Besides psychology, technology is a great passion of mine. It doesn’t really matter whether I am gaming, fixing it, like fixing Playstations and computers, or just gathering information about it. We’re living in a fast revolving world where technology is a main aspect of life so it’s, in my opinion, not redundant to have a great knowledge of technology.

How did you find out about Testbirds and why did you decide to become a tester?
I was first introduced to Testbirds by Nathan, a good friend of mine in my psychology studies. The moment he explained the concept of Testbirds, I was sold. I instantly knew that this was something I wanted to do. Being a student isn’t cheap, on the contrary, it’s actually quite expensive. To support my studies and finance my post-lecture-life, this seemed like a great opportunity. That very night I made an account and did my very best on the entry test.
I was quickly chosen as Bird of the Month by Testbirds. This shows how personally involved they are with us testers. To them, we are not just some guy or girl working behind our smartphones and computers. They make an effort to give the person behind the screen a chance to test at their best by giving personalized feedback, while trying to get to know testers by awarding us and giving us the chance to write about ourselves.

What do you like about being a tester so far?
As a tester you get the chance to work at your own pace. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a topnotch computer engineer or a law student, everyone can learn how to test and test whenever they want on whatever they want. The fact that you don’t have to participate in every test, combined with defining your own working hours makes this kind of work appealing. Also, the chance to work with apps and websites before they go live is exciting. I personally don’t like finding Bugs on websites and apps that I use, so I make it my goal to give every Bug test my best. Whenever I notice that I won’t have enough time to scan an app for Bugs properly, I just leave the invitation open for other testers who can give it their best shot.

What is the app or website that you cannot live without, and why?
This is very hard to answer. You have a wide variety of very useful sites, but if I had to choose one I would say Facebook. The connectivity with the world is amazing. A wide source of information is gathered in one place. This information can be what your family and friends are up to, but also updates about news, sports and more.
In the future I hope to continue delivering great work for Testbirds and getting the chance to test cool apps and websites. My goals from now on are to be Belgium’s most experienced tester and to continue to enjoy testing for Testbirds.

Thanks, Alexis, for sharing your Testbirds experience. Good luck with everything, and keep up the good job! Hope to see you soon in an upcoming test.

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